Saturday, 9 April 2011

20 Questions Tag

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1. Sneakers or stilettos?
oooo, well i'm not much of a sneakers girl, so stilettos *pain in feet* lol.

2. Calling or texting?
*phone beeps* ooo a text :D yes definatly texting, I think I have a phobia of answering phones lol.

3. One word to describe your best friend.
The Best.
4. One thing most people can do that you totally can't? 
Spell :D

5. Hair: curly or straight?
Naturally Curly, but I like it both straight and curly :P

6. Favorite outfit?
 Anything that makes me feel a million pounds :P

7. Jean cut?
Skinny :P

8. What is "your type"?
 Tall, dark, and handsome...and funny, loyal, sweet, kind, caring :) -> I'm asking for too much right? lol

9. Favorite fruit?

10. Lip stick or gloss?
errm...both? :D

11. Makeup you feel you DON'T need?

caked on foundation ;)

12. Earrings: hoopy or studs?
well, i don't wear hoops much :D can I say dangly? lol

13. Hoodies or blazers?

hmmm hmm hmmm...blazers? they look smarter :D

14. Chic, Boho, Street, or Edgy?
Chic & Boho :P 

15. Favorite junk food?

Mcdonalds....Chocolate!!! Sweets....things that will rot my poor teeth :D

16. Favorite Youtuber? 

hmmmm ... thats a hard one, beauty gurus :P

17. Most expensive line you shop?
MAC hehehe

18. Weirdest item of clothing in your closet?

hmmm....i'm not sure? :D

19. Mac, Sephora, or other?
MAC -> I'm addicted *wasntme*

20. Describe your "dream guy."Romactic, Sweet, Kind, Caring, Funny, Loyal, Awesome personality, there for me....My Prince Charming :D


Sunday, 3 April 2011

Weekend Haul

On Saturday I went into town to the market, Claires,Lush, Primark....and picked up these goodies :)  

cupcakes are a girls best friend

Today, being mothers day. I decided to bake some butterfly cupcakes (they are my mums favourites).
Normally, I never enter the kicthen I hate cooking, it's tideous...people say it's relaxing but personally I find it stressful haha. However I think these went well, they taste kinda good too :)