Thursday, 29 December 2011

Black Glittery Eye Look

Black Glittery Eye -> see YouTube tutorial for this look!!

This look would be great for a New Years party!!

My Jewelry Storage

So, I have recently tided up all my jewelry and thought i'd share it with you guys!!

 I brought some 99p small canvas' from a Art & Crafts store near me - and basically i've just poked all my dangley earrings through the canvas and have put all the backs into a little pot - it's really great displaying them this way 1. it's like art work on the walls 2. you can see them 3. they don't get all messed up!! I also added some flower hair things to the tops of the canvas' for decoration :)


My mum has got a new set of stylish mugs with 
a holder so she no longer  needed this mug tree
and so i've used it to hang all my bracelets off .

I've had this paper organizer for years now just sitting upon my desk never used - I believe I got it from WHSmiths but it was years ago..anyway due to that it's made of a mesh type material you can easily stick your studs and backs through it - I used to keep mine all in a little pot but they got all mixed up and i'd loose some :( but this way is much better I can see them all an I hopefully wont loose them!!

This way of storage I find is really useful plus it's very inexpensive too!!

Thursday, 1 December 2011

My Youtube

for those who don't know I actually have a youtube account with a few make up videos on there - but I am looking to expand them and have more videos :)

-> my account

here's an example of one of my videos -> a smokey eye look I did for a friend of mine....

H&M Face Masks - Review no.1

I just tried out the H&M peel off face mask - It was really good! It made my skin soft it didn't irritate my skin at all - like some masks do. The only bad sides to this was that 1. if it gets stuck to your eyebrow hairs then it hurts to pull off!! but minus that it's great.

^ just a quick post....I am planning to do a video tutorial at the weekend IF all goes well :) xx