Friday, 21 June 2013

Foxy Locks Update: 1 month

I've had these extensions for about a month now.

To be truthfully honest, I wish I'd never purchased them.

  • I've only worn them 3 times since getting them 
  • They were expensive and well I'm not getting my moneys worth at all
  • They still shed A LOT of hair even though I've just worn them 3 times and not even a full day!
  • The ends are really thin from the shedding
  • They look really fake! Especially when straight 
  • They get tangled 
  • I feel really uncomfortable wearing them because I feel like people can tell they're fake
  • My time with the foxy locks company wasn't pleasant - no customer service -> never email you back
  • Still waiting months later to hear about my complaint processing
  • They've been a lot of hassle for nothing
  • I don't think they're 100% Human hair since human hair is meant to stay together and as you can see in the photo the ends separate like fake hair 
  • I prefer my non-100% human hair extensions to these!!! 
The only good thing I have to say about them is the clips - they're really sturdy and well sewn in. 

I won't ever be re-purchasing from Foxy Locks ever again! 

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Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Diamonds are a girls best friend!

Simple Nail Art

Things you'll need: 

- light pink nail polish (Essie Fiji) 
- clear diamond gems 
- clear nail polish 
- pink glitter (makeup forever pink) 
- Q-tips/cotton buds

How to:

1. Apply a base coat 

2. Apply your light pink colour (2 coats) 

3. When the colour has dried apply a clear nail polish to the bottom of your nail
4. Using a wet Q-tip pick up your diamond gems and apply them to the nail in a triangle shape

5. Apply clear nail polish over the diamonds to stick them into place and over the rest of the nail

6. Apply clear nail polish to ring finger and put nail into pot of glitter 

7. Apply clear nail polish over the glitter 

Monday, 10 June 2013

Question? Should I make youtube videos?

I've been watching youtube now for years and I have made a few videos in the past but do you think I should make more? 

Friday, 7 June 2013

Bio Oil Experiment

I'm starting to use Bio Oil! 

I really hope that it works!

It says to use it for a minimum of 3 months, to apply it twice daily massaging it into the skin with your finger tips! 

After 3 months I will do a review and see if there has been any change I've done a before shot and I'll do an after shot when 3 months has passed. 

Monday, 3 June 2013

Foxy locks update (4 days of wearing)

After 4 days of wearing the extensions I have noticed that the hair does shed out quite a lot.

I've not styled it again since the first day I got them and curled them, so it can't be from over heating or styling. When ever I move my hair to the back or place it over to one side some hair sheds out.

I really hope that this doesn't last!

I messaged Foxy Locks to ask about it but it seems again that they're just full of excuses! I really do hope that the shedding stops and soon because it isn't good.


I also noticed that they have a new website - and all the reviews are 5 stars, every single one - which to me seems a little fishy? also there is no more live chat they still only have the fill out message form - which I still never got an email back from it, nor have I heard anything about my complaints. 

I honestly wouldn't of bothered ordering from their site knowing what I know now and after all the hassle. 

Saturday, 1 June 2013

May Favourites

Here are my favourite products for the month of May!

MAC Creme Cup

Since I back to MAC-ed for this lipstick I've not stopped wearing it! It's a beautiful everyday nude pink colour, It also goes great with a smokey eye. It's very versatile and just a beautiful colour.

I have a small review on it here -

Benefit High Beam 

I got this sample of High Beam ages ago - from a magazine I think! It's been really great for days where I've not wanted to wear much make up but still wanted that lovely dewy look. I usually use my MAC soft & gentle for a highlight but this has been a lovely change this month. 

Benefit They're Real Mascara 

After getting a sample of this Mascara in Elle Magazine I brought the full verison and I've been loving this mascara I wear it daily - It really does make my lashes really long! I love this mascara I think i'll definatly re-purchase it when I run out.

I have a full review on it here -

Soap & Glory Hand Maid 

I know that hand sanitizer maybe a bit of a weird monthly favourite....but... I did use up a whole bottle of this and this is my second re-purchase. It's small and so great to carry around in your bag and it smells wonderful. After I lent some of this to my mother on the bus she went and brought some too! It also makes your hands feel soft as well as clean!

Aussie Miracle Hair Insurance Leave in Conditioner 

I have been loving this Aussie leave in conditioner it has now taken place as part of my blow-drying routine. It really does help to soften and detangle your hair, my hair is naturally very wavey so when it's wet it often gets tangled but I find that this really helps. It's great at keeping your hair really soft!

I have a review on it here -

Soap & Glory Heel Genius 

This stuff really is a miracle product for your feet! I use it at night and put it all over my heels and the rest of my feet and in the morning your feet are so soft the dry skin isn't as dry and it smells quite nice too. I used to get really dry skin on my feet especially in the winter time but with this I feel like I can confidently go out in summer sandals and not worry about the state of my feet.

Essie Fiji 

I've only recently brought this Essie nail polish but WOW I am in love with this colour! It is so beautiful it's like a very very very verrrrrry pale pink colour which is bordering on white. It's so beautiful! Also it doesn't take forever to dry either which is a bonus I also find that the brush makes it very easy to apply. Although this nail polish is £7.99 it just shows you that you get what you pay for because the quality and application of this is just beautiful.

Denamn Hairbrush Compact D7

Another recent purchase of mine is this Denman compact hair brush. I've been wanting to get one of these for a while because often my extensions get tangled and having a hairbrush in your bag, especially a flat paddle brush takes up quite a bit of space. I often find that with these types of brushes that the brush is very hard and tends to rip out your hair so I've not brought one. But, I saw this one in boots and the bristles on the brush are very soft and the cushion is also nice and soft unlike some others. Denman is also a very good brand of hair brushes and they're often used in salons so I thought it would be a good one to get. 

Wella SP Luxe Oil 

I brought this from my salon at half price, because I had a half price voucher thingy. It's a lovely oil! I've not been a fan of the Moroccan oil or the Macadamia oil, however when I worked at a salon I loved the L'oreal Kertaste Exiliers but they were super expensive at £30! This oil is really lovely though it makes my hair super soft I use it before blow-drying, before straightening and after straightening as a serum. It doesn't make your hair greasy, it repairs the hair too, it's also quite a thick liquid consistency, like a serum is (unlike the Moroccan oil ) which I find to work better with the hair, it smells lovely and after having it for 2 months now I've hardly used any at all! I think this bottle is going to last me forever!

Garnier Summer Body 

I've loved this product for a long long long time now! I keep re-purchasing it over and over again and in May I've been loving it again as in the UK we have little to no sunshine, so this is a great product to get a tan with! It's really great it gradually builds up a tan without the horrid self tan biscuit smell.

I have a review from a while back here - Although I will say using a tanning mitt with it has omitted the orange palms and makes everything much easier!