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Foxy Locks Extensions: Main Full Review ... 120 gram Platinum #90

If you've been following my blog, you'll know that I have been having some trouble with Foxy Locks.

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First Review

A quick rundown of my 'nightmare' with the company.... Firstly, I got coloured matched there and they said I'd be light ash blonde - which I ordered. I then printed out a returns form and so on and sent them back; although they had no return sticker so I had to pay to send them back. I heard nothing back from them about the exchange and days later still waiting for the new ones and I got nothing. They never emailed me back about this, there was infact little to no commuication from them at all; it wasn't until I did a live chat with them on the website that I got answers. It took a very long time for them to exchange the colour. For more info see the links above.

I finally got my exchanged order on Thursday 30th of May. I changed them for the colour Platinum #90 as the ones I had order originally; Light Ash Blonde, were too yellow toned for my hair.

Also I am going to get the underneath of my hair coloured as it's a little darker than the rest, also I'm going to have them cut a little and layered so they blend better.

The Product

^^ to see about the packaging look at the first review I made on them :) 


The Type that I ordered was the 120g of hair, the regular set. 
I got the regular because it was the cheapest at £58, plus they're always sold out of the deluxe set. Also, my old extensions are no way this amount of hair so I thought they'd be fine anyway. 

With this set you get two times 4 clip wefts, two of the 3 cliped wefts, two of the 2 cliped wefts and four of the single clip wefts. 


 The colour I ordered originally was Light Ash Blonde #60 which was far too yellow for my hair. The exchanged colour is Platinum #90. However, I do feel like for Platinum that it is still quite yellow toned; much more so than what I was expecting. I had to use purple shampoo on it to tone it down. Personally I think Light Ash Blonde should of been the same colour as what Platinum is, and the purple shampooed version of Platinum should be Platinum. - If that makes any sense?!?!

Top is Silver Shampoo-ed the Bottom is not. 



The clips are extremely sturdy, I do believe that if there was a hurricane that they would still stay in your head.  They have a silicon/plastic tube underneath the actual clip itself,  none of my previous extensions have had this on them, and I do believe that this makes a big difference in the stability of the hair. When clip in the hair doesn't slide down the hair shaft or even really move at all. Also they're sewn on really well multiple times around and attach perfectly to the top of the weft with no colour change. 

Hair Quality 

The hair is 100% Remy Human hair. The hair is very very very thick! Each weft is lovely and thick although like most extensions it is thicker at the top than at the bottom, although real human hair on your head is like that too I suppose. Also, the ends are blunt cut which makes them look really nice at the ends and not straggly or anything.


The length of these extensions is 20 inches. However, I measured them with a tape measure and they're actually 21 inches long. 

Personally I do think they're too long for me, I am only short myself; 5'4. The extensions go to my waist which I find to be really, really strange as I've not had that length of hair since a child! 

I am considering getting them cut a little at the ends, as well as layers to blend them in. 

as you can see they're really long....randomly trying on a hat in a shop haha! 

Silver Shampoo-ing 

For me these extensions were still too yellow toned. I don't think anywhere offers a white blonde colour. 

I just silver shampooed them and didn't condition I only did it once and I had to wash it out straight away as they do take really, really well!! 

left: no silver shampoo right: with silver shampoo


Although as you can see in the photo some pieces took too well and have gone purple, but with the next wash they'll be ok and the purple will wash out!


I found no problem when washing them, you're meant to wash extensions when you first get them because they're coated in a silicon plastic-y stuff to keep them looking soft and so on, although to me this stuff just feels, looks and is just in general really ucky! I had no trouble washing them or drying them, they dried really quickly, although I blow dried mine, which was absolutely fine I had no problems with that. 

They didn't go dry and awful feeling after washing them, in fact they still kinda have the silicon stuff on them even after I washed them, but I think this is because I didn't really wash them properly just with the silver shampoo. 


Foxy Locks claim that the extensions: 

  1. Add Length 
  2. Add Volume 
  3. Are Tangle Free 
  4. Silky Soft 
  5. Natural hair 

My views on these claims: 

  1. They certainly  do add length at 21 inches long
  2. I'm not sure if they really add much volume to my hair
  3. I wouldn't say that they're 100% tangle free, as they do sometimes tend to tangle around each other 
  4. They are very very very soft, I'm not sure if that's from the silicon/plasticy coating, but we shall see after they've been washed a few times 
  5. The hair does look and feel very natural (again minus the plasticy coating). When washing they did also feel very natural.

Pros & Cons 


  • Good Price Considering how long they are 
  • 100% Remy Human Hair 
  • Very Soft 
  • Great Clips 


  • Not fast shipping 
  • Lack of communication with the company (also no phone number) 
  • There is no different lengths to choose from
  • The fact that I had to silver shampoo them to get them to the right colour 


out of 10 I'd give these a 6 out of 10. 

The extensions themselves are really good quality, however I had to tone them myself, the company's lack of communication though really put me off - I knew that I wouldn't bother sending these back even if they were the wrong colour because of all the hassle. 

Would I repurchase these? Honestly, I don't know they do seem like really good quality extensions, although perhaps the hype over them isn't as great as it seems. The company has put me off with it's lack of customer service, I'm not sure if I'd want to deal with all that again. 

L'oreal Paris Feria LO2 Super platinum power review

So, I got my foxy locks hair extensions in the post....(about to do the review for that in a moment...) and the bottoms of my hair doesn't match - the underneath parts are too dark. So with this in mind I decided to dye them myself - I have got a hair styling qualification and I have worked in a salon before so I thought I kinda knew what I was doing.  Also I didn't do a skin test; I recommend that you defiantly do this if you're having the dye all over (I wouldn't recommend that after my experience but you can try) because the dye will touch your skin and your scalp - this is what causes the reaction the product to skin contact.

Me and my friend went to Boots and brought the hair dye ''LO2 Super Platinum Power''. Luckily though I didn't waste any money with this product as I had enough boots advantage points! I thought that this would be a good brand because L'oreal is a good brand, or usually is shall we say.

 I didn't dye all of my hair - I just planned to do the underneath section, although after how the the strand test  turned out I only ended up doing the strand test....


What the product claims to do: 

 1. lightens up to 6 levels in one step

2. Won't feel wrecked or ravaged

3. brass-defy technology

My views on these claims:

1. One step to platinum?

It most defiantly does not do it in ONE step!! It says it lightens up to 6 levels - which It defiantly does NOT! Well anyway logical thinking tells you that in one step you wont get from brown to platinum - but my hair wasn't brown it was a medium blonde. I also coloured it 3 times....

The first time I coloured it, it went darker! The second didn't really do much and the third - well it went yellow.....

Also whilst the dye was on it did look like it was getting really light, due to that the dye itself is white in colour...however once you wash it off you realize that's not the case at all.

I wasn't going to blog this so I don't have a before photo, but here is the photos of the stages of colouring:

  • The part above the bobble that you can see in the photo is the first time doing it. It went daker than it was previously. I left it on for 25 minutes as the instructions say 15 - 25 minutes. 

  • The part below the bobble is the 2nd time of colouring as you can see it hardly did anything, I left this on for 18 minutes, the reason the bobble is there is because doing it a second time I was worried it would snap off so I just did the ends! 

  • After my hair not feeling or seeming any more damaged with the second time I decided to just slap it all on the strand. I left it on again for 18 minutes or so and when it was wet it looked bright yellow....I towel dried it and well still yellow! I tried to counteract this yellow; see number 3 about the brassy-ness.  

<- Also in the photo my ear is read from blow drying the hair not from a reaction! 

2. My hair actually doesn't feel wrecked at all - considering I did it 3 times It seems fine! I think this could be due to the oil/exiler that you mix into the hair colour and also the conditioner mentioned below.

Ok, so they do look kinda fried in the photo but no more than usual - I'm a blonde fried ends are kinda expected!

3. brass-defying

.... hmmmmm no....My hair has never ever been as brassy as this dye made it. It comes with a purple conditioner - and purple/violet is on the opposite side of the colour chart to yellow. So in theory they can make this claim - however I did find that the purple conditioner did nothing for my hair! It made it lovely and soft though, but as for toning down the brassy-ness it didn't do a thing.

Being a blonde however, I did use my own silver shampoo which is really strong! I used it on the 3rd time I left it in maybe 15 or more minutes and well It must of caught some of my top layer because one  strand is pure purple and the colored bit....has not even changed..... it is still yellow.... not sure how but it is!

The end result:

As you can from the strand test I did it's hardly any different from the hair which isn't coloured. It all in all dyed it darker - then did nothing then just coloured it back to it's original colour.

In no way shape or form is this PLATINUM! especially not SUPER Platinum ..... It's just the same as I had before.....

Pros & Cons 


  • Conditioner makes your hair soft?
  • Good gloves


  • L'oreal as a brand have let themselves down
  • All the claims are pretty much false
  • Made hair darker before lighter
  • Unless you have an actual bowl and a brush it's hard to apply since the instructions tell you to completely remove the cap 
  • didn't work.....
  • waste of money


out of 10 i'd give this product well a 1 just for the softness of the conditioner because the colourant itself did nothing at all....

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Sunday, 26 May 2013

Foxy Locks Update #4

Nightmare with Foxy Locks

After 11 days:

still no extensions,

no replies to my emails.

Last night, I went onto the Foxy Locks website, and they had the live chat working. I messaged them about my un answered emails and asking where my extensions are.

At first they said they hadn't received my old extensions that I'd sent them back 10 days ago. I told them I'd sent them and gave them the receipt information. They then gave me a lot of business rubbish about dispatching and so on. I asked how they'd managed to change my order tracking on the website from 60# Light Ash Blonde to 90# Platinum Blonde if they had not received my extensions and thus had not seen the returns form. They didn't answer my question directly, again fobbed me off with some business things.

I still had no clue if 1. They'd received the extensions or 2. If they were sending the others.

It was only until I actually said so you have received the extensions....yes? That they then said "that is correct". So after all that conversation ( which must of lasted at least half an hour ) that they then went back and contradicted themselves. At first they said they were still 'in receipt' of my old extensions, that they had not got them back to the end of 'that's correct' to ,y question that they had them. They never answered a question directly, and I do strongly believe that If I had not of said 'yes?' they wouldn't of said that they did have my extensions back. They made me feel like It was my fault that I had not sent them back, then confused me with their business jargon and not giving me direct answers to my questions. It was like getting blood out of a stone.

They said they'd email me soon to update me with my order - but I doubt that they will!

They also said that sending the extensions would of taken 2-3 days to deliver to me....So if they had the ones I sent back already, they should of sent the new ones too me and I'd of got them last week. But they made excuses about business things that I had no clue of understanding.

I'm still really not happy with their customer service. When I get the extensions if they're the wrong colour again I don't think I'll even bother to send them back, because of all this hassle. I doubt if I'll order anything again from them.

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Friday, 24 May 2013

MAC Creme Cup

Today I back to Mac-ed my lipsticks and I got Creme Cup. I was originally going to get Shy Girl but when I saw it in the store I wasn't that keen.

Creme Cup is a beautiful nude pink, In fact I'd say it's the perfect pink nude! I wanted a nude colour to go with a smokey eye...But I didn't want to be predictable and re-purchase Creme de Nude for the 4th time! Plus I had already depoted the end of that into a palette.

I'd personally say that the colour is like Angel mixed with Creme de Nude (probably why I like it hehe). Also because it's a Cremesheen formula it's very creamy on the lips! As soon as I put it on it was very creamy and moisturizing on my lips - I've worn it now for quite a few hours and it's not gone dry at all!

Swatch of the colour as you can see it's a very nude pink.

Thursday, 23 May 2013

Foxy locks update #3

I am very disappointed with Foxy Locks.

Their customer service is well non-exsistant, I never did see a review that mention their customer service in detail; only on YouTube which they all said that shipping was fast!

I am still waiting for my exchanged colour now for over a week! I've heard from many people that they got theirs very quickly and one girl was from New Zeland! However, I live in the UK and still don't have them, I also sent mine back the same day I got them.

Since there is no human contact with foxy locks; no phone number, no direct email address. In order to ask them about what is happening I messaged them via their contact message form thing...I did that yesterday morning, and today still no email In response.

Due to the lack of contact they have with their customers I have no idea if

a) they even got my extensions I sent back - which hopefully they have since I had to pay to get them shipped back.
b) if they've even sent out the new exchanged colour.

I guess I'll just have to wait longer.

I'm not even sure however if platinum will be the right colour - they recommended ash blonde when I emailed them, when the extensions came in that colour they were way too yellow for my hair not ashy at all!

I hope they will be the right colour otherwise i will again have to pay to ship them back, since foxy locks don't give you a return sticker in the packaging or a returns form - you have to print out a returns form yourself after messaging them!! Which seems kinda stupid! I hope I'll get my money back quickly too, if it turns out they are the wrong colour.

Anyway, there's nothing I can do but wait....

Photo below shows my hair with the colour of 'ash blonde #90' extensions next to it.

Foxy Locks Extensions Updated Posts:

Update #4
Update #3
Update #2
First Review

Back to MAC - how to depot and palette lipsticks

Back to MAC

Tomorrow I am going I to mac to get a back to mac lipstick; shy girl I think!

For those who don't know what back to mac is - it's a recycling scheme run by mac. When you have 6 empty lipsticks or eye shadows ( but they don't take depoted eyeshadows) you can take them to your local mac store or counter and get in return 1 free lipstick.

I think 6 is a bit of a high number, then again they have put the lipsticks up to £14 each now......I remember the days when it was just £12.....

You need 6 EMPTY lipsticks to be able to back to MAC

I have 6 lipsticks that are empty - however only two were 100% empty the others I resourcefully made into a palette!

How to depot lipsticks and make them into a palette 

All the lipsticks I used were only slightly not 100% empty.

Things you'll need:

1. An old eye shadow palette
2. An old pair of tweezers or a makeup spatula
3. Lipsticks - of course
4. A lighter (if you're not old enough ask or parents)
5. Cotton buds/Q-tips

I started off with an old gone off makeup palette that was many years old. I scrapped out all the eye shadow that didn't take me long as it was all dry and crumpling. To clean this I just washed it out in warm soapy water.

After having my palette I got the lipsticks I wanted a scrapped out the remaining product with the end of the tweezers and placed it into the middle of the palette.

Once you have scrapped out all the product and placed it into palette I took a lighter and held it over the lipstick. Because lipstick is made out of wax it melts, once it was hot I moved the palette from side to side until the lipstick covered the whole pan.


^^ If you're not old enough to do this ask your parents! I did burn myself doing this. An alternative option to this to just flatten it down with the spatula until it is all flat.

Once all the products are flat in the palette get a Q-tip or cotton wool bud to wipe around the edges.

Et voila!

here is my finished result and what lipsticks they are. 

Burning the lipsticks also does NOT ruin the product as shown I have done a swatch of each colour and you can see that it doesn't harm the colour payout.

Swatches L-R Creme de Nude, Gaga2, Angel, Hot Gossip

Also when using this palette you can either just use your fingers or a makeup lip brush.


Summer is fast approaching so queue sun kissed skin and bright colours!

The colour of the season is....PINK! It has been all over the SS13 catwalks from Giles bright pink lips to Donna Karen's hot pink eye shadow and pink mascara!

Pink is a versatile colour and suits any skin tone, so it's a great colour for everyone and it comes it so many different shades from baby pink to bright pink!

Saint German a very famous MAC lipstick, that is notoriously hard to pull off was used on the Ashish catwalk show!

Here is a few of my personal favourite MAC lipsticks:

1. Viva Glam GAGA 

This is a very 'barbie' pink, it's a baby pink colour with a slight blue undertone to it. The lustre formula makes it very creamy and shinny and so there is really no need for a lipgloss ontop of this. I think this is a really great colour especially if you have pale skin as it's not too harsh as say a bright pink would be.

A very baby baby pink!                 
^^ I also forgot to take a photo wearing this colour....opps!! 
2. Bombshell 

This colour is very wear able in the day time as it's not a very harsh pink, it's very muted  The frost formula makes it quite light and also it has lots of gold shimmery pigment running through this colour - so it looks lovely when the sun catches again omitting the need for a shimmery lipgloss. 
As you can see it's a mutted pink .
3. Speed Dial 

This colour is actually one of the first I got from MAC (which is why it's so blunt!) It is kind of simular to Bombshell because it has a very very slight shimmery gold pigment running through it, although no where near as much as Bombshell does. It is a slightly muted hot pink colour. The cremesheen formula makes it very moisturizing on the lips and it doesn't dry them out. The MAC Pink Carat lip glass looks beautiful on top of this. I would also say that this is 
Only just darker than Bombshell. 

4. Viva Glam Nicki 

I brought this one only recently. This is a very very true 'barbie' colour as well....think Nicki Minaj and well this is the exact colour you'd have (which makes sense since she made it!) This isn't for the brave hearted and it probably wouldn't work well if you're super pale (although that's no reason to not wear it) because it is very bright - bordering on almost fluorescent! The colour is a bright pink with a hint of coral in it, so it's a beautiful colour for summer. This is a Satin formula although personally I'd say it's very matte in texture, it is also slightly drying on the lips too.

You can see the coral in it with the sun shining!

Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Foxy Locks Update #2

I still haven't got my extensions. I exchanged them for Platinum Blonde 60 exactly a week ago, since there is little to no human communication I'm not even sure if they have the others back yet, although the should have...hopefully!

It's weird I know of people in the UK have got them within no time, only a few days wait - the same for people abroad too. And yet I live in the UK too and have waited a week now, I really thought that they'd come today but no the mail man with his little red van did not stop at my house.

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Friday, 17 May 2013

Hair day!

Today I got my roots done again my hair is getting much lighter now!!

My roots are a little purple as usual but that washes out it's just from the dye developing or something....

I also brought some new silver shampoo! Hopefully it will be good it was on sale, Half price of half price!!! So only £3.50 what a bargain

Thursday, 16 May 2013

Review: Benefit they're real

Benefit They're Real Mascara 

Benefit's they're real beyond mascara is anew product out on the market, they promoted it in Elle Magazine in the June 2013 issue.

With the magazine you got a sample size mascara with 40.g of product. The sample bottle is really small and compact - great for putting into your makeup bag.

I've never really brought a high end mascara before on it's own I've tried MAC zoom lash from a holiday collection years ago and I loved it but I've never repurchased it. Because I usually wear false lashes on a daily basis I usually just opt for a cheap one, I did have Natural Collection's black mascara which retails at only £1.99 in Boots, however it's not a great mascara and it doesn't do much for your lashes, the packaging isn't great either but what do you expect for so cheap.

After trying the Benefit Mascara for a few days I knew I loved it instantly I'd also ran out of the Natural Collection mascara so it came in handy! I went into Boots looking for a new Mascara because I didn't think the small benefit one would last me a long time, though so far I've used it everyday for a month and it is still going strong. I didn't really know which mascara to get I looked at all the drug store brand counters and I was um-ing and er-ing over what to get, I knew I didn't want the natural collection one again, but what to get? I wandered over to the Benefit counter mainly looking at the Eyeshadow Primer as one of my favourite YouTube Gurus uses that all the time. They had a display of the Beyond Real mascara and it retails at £19.50, which to me was expensive since I only ever brought cheap ones! However I had a Boots voucher if you spent £20 you got an extra 200 points so I bit the bullet and brought it, since I knew I loved it anyway from the sample size.

There is no difference of the actual product from the sample size to the real full size product apart from the packaging, which is really nice! Also the actual full size product has 8.5 grams of product inside compared to the sample size of 4.0g.

The Packaging

Outer Packaging:

The mascara comes in a black box with the colour theme of black and white, which is always sophisticated and a classic! it also has an edgy bright orange which makes it a bit more fun. They also used different fonts which again makes it look more stylish.
The box tells you all about the mascara as well as how to use it. I really like that it gives you so much information it's great for people who perhaps haven't tried many mascara's before and don't really know how to use it to it's best. It has it in English as well as French, which is good for an international perspective.

Mascara Bottle:

The bottle itself is a shiny metallic colour. The lid is a dark silver colour and the actual bottle is a purpley gun metal colour. I'm not 100% sure if it is actually made of a thin metal or wether its just a hard plastic - no idea I'm just a girl hehe!

Again benefit have used the same different fonts on the bottle and this time the colours are just black and the bright orange. I really like this bottle it's stylish and different to the usual black classic bottles of other brands like MAC and Chanel etc... Also the bottle isn't a straight round shape it's more like a cuboid. Which again is really different and edgy.

The Formula

The outer packaging states about the formula; being long wearing able to lengthen, curl, volumize, lift and separate and it also states that it won't smudge or dry out.

Are these claims true?

According to the packaging's statistics 94% saw dramatic length and volume, 90% saw base-to-tip curl, 94% saw visible lift and 100% saw long- wearing results - all these results were observed in a consumer panel survey.

My view on the claims....

Personally, I defiantly agree that it lengths my lashes, normally my lashes are very short and thin and not that great (probably from wearing false lashes all the time! But I'm addicted!).

Length & Volume

It defiantly did also add volume, however i found this to be brought in the form of clumpy thickness - which doesn't really bother me but after 3 coats you do get 'spidery lashes' which some people don't like.

Base-to-tip curl

There is defiantly a slight curl, nothing dramatic though that I notice when wearing this mascara and I didn't use an eyelash curler either when using this. I imagine that with an eyelash curler the lashes would be super curled used in conjunction with tis mascara.

Visible lift

I'm not 1000% sure on what this means but there is defiantly some 'lift' from the base of my lash line to the tip of the lashes.

Long-wearing results

Oh damn is this one true! You can wear it all day and it won't budge...- it doesn't smudge unless you get watery eyes then it does because it isn't waterproof. And it takes forever and ever and ever to get off! And the next morning even after trying to get it all off the night before there is still some mascara left over! It is defiantly long wearing. It probably won't be great if you have sensitive eyes though because it does take quite a lot to get this off which may irritate your eyes if they're sensitive.

Misleading claim?

Annoyingly like most mascara companies, Benefit have gone with the photo of - before mascara (which looks as if the person is wearing a little mascara) to the after of false lashes. It really bugs me that they do this because some women might think wow I want my lashes like this and they never will be like that from one product.

Although saying this the mascara does blend really nicely with false lashes, as I wear them everyday I really notice that because of how black the mascara is it really blends them in well with the false lashes.

The Brush

The packaging also mentions the brush. It tells you how to use it and also shows a photo of the brush. The photo is exactly right, this time - no false lies.

The brush itself is made out of plastic and has a little tip that the packaging claims to help curl and separate lashes. The tip really does separate your lashes, it's also great for being able to get into the corners and also for being able to do the bottom lashes since its smaller. However, the tip does sometimes get too much product on it, but this can easily be sorted by wiping it off the tip. The tip is made up of a few long prongs or spikes which aren't very close together.

The main length of the brush is quite thick but not massive, it also has different sides prongs or spikes. Short ones at the base and tip of the brush and long ones in between. It also has rows of little spikes in between, it goes - long spikes - short spikes - long spikes and so on. This part of the brush doesn't get many clumps on it at all, the odd long spike gets one or too but that's fine. The length of the brush claims to help achieve maximum volume, length and lift...which it does do.

Pros & Cons list


  • Super Jet Black
  • Lengthens
  • Separates
  • Makes my lashes thicker/volumized slightly
  • Lasts all day and doesn't budge
  • Blends well with false lashes
  • The packaging


  • The price at £19.50 I find it to be a little expensive but hopefully it will last longer than my usual cheap ones
  • The main length of the brush is hard to use for under your lashes
  • It is a little clumpy/spidery looking (which as I said I don't mind but others may so I put it in the cons list)
  • The fake photo claim with false lashes - I hate when companies do this!!!

Out of 10:

Personally I'd give this product a 8.5 to a 9 out of 10. Whilst is a great product looks wise and formula wise it does take a long time to get off - which is most annoying at night time when you're tired and wanting to go to sleep. Also the price is a little expensive and I'm not a fan of the false claims with the before and after photos.