Thursday, 24 October 2013

Great Autumn Nail Colours

Autumn is here and winter is fast approaching! Although I really wish it wasn't because I hate the cold weather and the depressing gloomy skies. 

Autumn reminds me of dark burgandy coloured leaves that fall off the trees, mugs of hot warming drinks with cream ontop and stormy purple skies, so why not reflect the season on your nails.

Autumn Colour Chart

I've picked out some great nail polish colours for the season: 

Cream/Coffee Colours: Barry M Cappuccino,Barry M Lychee, Topshop Glimmer, Fearne Black Honey 

Reds: Nails Inc Victoria, Natural Collection Black Cherry, Barry M Raspberry 

Purples: Primark Beauty, Natural Collection Cosmic Crush, Nicole by OPI Make a Change, Fearne Cranberry Sparks 

The very top colour I found another copper colour - 17 Copper. 

Right now I am wearing Nails Inc Victoria I love this colour for Autumn it's so beautiful! 

Nails inc Victoria

Sunday, 20 October 2013

Foxy Locks Update: 4 Months

As you may know, if you read my blog I really do despise the foxy locks hair extensions. 

I have many other posts regrading my dreadful journey with Foxy Locks: 

I had my old hair extensions; that weren't even 100% human hair for just over a year!

However, after 4months the foxy locks extensions are getting to the point where they are unwearable..... Which really annoys me because of how much I paid for them, as they're not the cheapest out there.

After foxy locks saying the shedding would subside within a week it hasn't if anything it has gotten worse as time has gone on. I've never had any other extensions like this in all the time I've worn them (about 4/5 years) nor had I ever even heard of shedding problems until these. 

* all hair is placed ontop of a black towel for easy viewing and has been dryed naturally, not straightened and been brushed*

This is or was one of the 2 weft strands. After just four months it awful, thinning ends and loose hair at the stitching, the stitching is also really loose (probably the cause of the shedding). 

This is it placed next too one of the thicker 1 weft strands, here you can tell the real difference of the shedding. 

One thing that does help them too look thicker is brushing them with a Denman D81 brush instead of a paddle brush, extension brush or a wide tooth comb. 

With this brush I find that it doesn't shed as much. Before I'd literally have hair balls on the comb or brush, however I still get balls of hair now but not to the same extent as before (see photo below).

I always brush them gently from the bottom upwards, I also have a hair styling qualification in which one module was solely on hair additions, so I know how to look after hair extensions properly. 

However, you can't constantly brush them, and after a while of wearing them the 'thick' brushed look soon fades to stragly extensions. They shed even when I touch them, I literally leave a trail blonde hairs wherever I go! 

Another problem I have with them is matting, knotting and tangling. When wearing them after so long they tend to get all matted and tangled at the back - which is an awful problem when trying to remove them at the end of the day as they tangle with your own hair ouch! 

As you can see my non human hair extensions lasted extremely well. 

And now this is what my foxy locks extensions are like in October: 

Photo above is not at all edited and has been taken with an ipad. The lipstick in the photo above is mac rebel! 

 As you can see the effects of the shedding has worsened causing them to go thinner, much thinner than my natural hair at the top and, the ends are really thin and straggly and well just not nice at all really. 

I will never again purchase extensions from Foxy Locks and I can't wait to buy some new ones! 

Friday, 18 October 2013

Botanics - Boots (Review)


Firstly, I am very sorry for my lack of posts here. I've been too focused on my new blog - and sort of, maybe, forgotten about this one. However, I am now back! 

Boots Botanics Makeup Remover 

Usually I am very lazy at night with taking off my makeup, I get tired and then I just can't be bothered! 

Lately though my skin hasn't been too happy with this, and I can't say I blame it - after all it is kinda gross! If I did bother I'd only use a makeup wipe - which isn't a great substitute since it just wipes the dirt around your face thus into your pores! 

I picked these up from Boots a little while back. Last time I went in however, they had a 3 for 2 offer - how annoying! They were quite cheap as they retail for under £5 each. They're also approved by and developed in conjunction with the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew. 

I got the amazing Botanics All Bright Eye Soothing Eye Makeup Remover which retails at £3.99 for 150ml. 

What drew me to this product was that it claims to 'remove even waterproof makeup', now my Benefit They're Real mascara ( isn't waterproof however, it is EXTREMELY stubborn to remove, and so I thought I'd give this a try to remove it. 

Also, if you've been reading this blog for some time, or if you know me, you'll know that I love doing smokey eyes and wear lots of mascara and dark colours, which are always the most stubborn to remove - cue the panda eyes! 

What this product claims

- removes even waterproof makeup 
- helps soothe the eye area 
- conditions lashes
- leaves skin smoother and brighter 

What I think of its claims

- I did try it on some waterproof mascara and it did work! It also managed to remove my stubborn Benefit mascara - it didn't even leave a trace of it on my lashes! 
- I'm not sure if it helps soothe the eye area (I'd have to test it when I have sore hayfever eyes!) but it does feel nice afterwards. 
- My lashes are definitely in much better condition with this, before I was scrubbing so hard to get my mascara off but now it takes it away without all the scrubbing - which in turn has helped my lashes.
- My skin around my eyes does feel really soft and smooth after using this product, also it does apear to look brighter - but it does leave an oily residue too, which is easily removed by using a clean cotton wool pad. 

Pros & Cons 


- easily removes stubborn makeup, as well as waterproof
- you don't need to use a lot of it for it to work 
- it leaves your skin nice and soft & smooth
- conditions lashes
- it doesn't at all burn the sensitive eye area
- cheap price 


- it does leave a oily residue after - as I mentioned earlier, but this is easy to remove with a clean cotton wool pad

^ other than that I have no cons! 

I also got the lovely Botanics Gentle Cleansing Cream which retails at £3.99 for 250ml. 

I brought this one just to go with the eye makeup remover, and so that I didn't use any makeup wipes again! 

What the product claims

- removes makeup, oil and impurities 
- isn't drying to the skin
- leaves skin soft and brighter looking 

What I think of its claims 

- it does remove makeup and oils easily, again without needing too much product 
- I have dry skin away, especially in the winter. However, this product hasn't made my skin any worse, if anything it has made it less dry. 
- after using this product my skin does feel much softer and looks bright and healthy! 

Pros & Cons


- it does exactly what it says 
- removes makeup easily and you don't have to use much product 
- cheap price 
- leaves skin soft & healthy looking 
- doesn't make your skin dry 
- it doesn't smell much at all 


I honestly can't think of ant cons for this product

I will definitely be re-purchasing both of these products - however I think that, they will last quite a long time as you don't need to use much product for them to work. I also have put them into little 60ml bottles and left them at my boyfriends house for when I stay there, but I still have a lot of product left in the big bottles! 

I think that with these products being so good, I'd most definitely try other products from their range!