Saturday, 7 December 2013

My Miracle Nail Product: Sally Hansen Maximum Strength

This product is really quite amazing! 

I simply love it and, I am now on my 4th bottle of this wonderful stuff! 

The product I'm talking about is Sally Hansen's Maximum Strength nail polish. Which retails in Boots for £4.85 I believe (although I can't find it on the website). 

In the past I've used this product before but not properly, I just used one coat as a base coat and not as a proper treatment. 

Now I've been using it the correct way, applying 1 coat everyday for a week. Then taking it off and doing the same for the next week, etc. However sometimes on the end of the week, or towards the end I'll paint them because they're strong enough to handle it. 

It really does make a difference! My nails are much stronger, no longer do they break as easily, bend, or just being really brittle. 

It also helps my nails grow, after getting acyrillics done for my holiday in July, my nails have been awful! Before my holiday they were fine, but after I got the acyrillics off they wouldn't grow, because they kept breaking and so on. 

However, now in December my nails are long and strong, I honestly do think that it's due to this product! 

Photo from 8th December 

New Platinum Hair Extensions

I am so glad to see the back of Foxy Locks hair extensions! If you've been reading my blog, as you may know I absolutely despise these extensions....

I have finally got some new extensions! 

I went to a local hair supply shop where I live and got these extensions by a company called Sapna, I've never heard of this company before but so far I am loving these extensions! 

What extensions: 

The ones I have are Sapna - Snow White extensions they are 113 grams of 100% human hair, and 18 inches long and they cost £45.99. 

I brought them without clips, so you just get one long strand of hair. I used the Foxy Locks extensions to measure out the pieces to size before cutting them. Also, the reason I wanted to get them without clips is so that I could double them up (cut a strand twice then sew the two pieces together) so that they were thicker. 

I also had to sewn on the clips myself; the clips are actually from my old set of extensions from 2012, I just cut them off. I also used 2 clips from the Foxy Locks set, because I was 2 short. 

With this set I have managed to get the same amount of wefts as in the Foxy Locks set plus, they're doubled up so I have a full set of hair extensions: 

2 x 4 clip wefts
2 x 3 clip wefts
2 x 2 clip wefts 
4 x 1 clip wefts 

Although because they're doubled up I find that I don't need to use both of the 4 clip wefts, but I tend to anyway just to have that fuller look. 

They are also blunt cut at the ends, just like the foxy locks ones! 


As blonde girls will know trying to find platinum coloured hair extensions is quite hard. Many extensions are too golden, or too yellow. Not many extensions are actually platinum coloured, meaning that you have to either colour them or use silver shampoo on them. 

However, these are different they actually are platinum coloured and are the same colour as the Foxy Locks extensions. 

This photo has not been edited

In comparison to the colour of Foxy Locks - Platinum the Sapna - Snow White are practically the same. Although as you can see from the photo the Sapna ones are shiner; this is due to that, I've yet to wash them, so they're still coated in that shiney silicon stuff that all new extensions have. 

photo not edited: foxy locks weft on top of a cut strand of sapna

What they look like wearing them: 

So far I love these extensions! Although I've only worn them twice, and I am yet to wash them. However, I shall update you on how they are lasting!

Sunday, 1 December 2013

Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Lee Stafford - Bleach Blondes & hair that never grows past a certain length treatment

I have recently purchased these from Boots, Bleach Blondes Shampoo and the for hair that never grows past a certain length treatment from the Lee Staford range. 

I have just washed my hair for the first time using these products and here is my first impressions: 

Bleach Blondes Shampoo

The Shampoo, is a purple/silver shampoo used for getting rid of yellow tones in the hair thus leaving it looking more ashey. I am going to do a post on a review of all the silver shampoos I've tried over this year. 

The shampoo itself has a slightly weird texture; sort of jell like. It is also a lot more violet toned than all the others that I've tried. 

Like all purple shampoos it also seems to get everywhere, all over the bathroom! I don't know how they do it! 

This product claims to: 

-Lightly tone 
-Refresh and restore your hair to salon beautiful colour 
-Helps to stop fading 

My views on its claims: 

My hair does look abit whiter than it did previously, so I guess it has been refreshed, although I wouldn't say it's anywhere near as soon as after a trip to the salon to get it coloured. 

As for stopping fading I guess I'd have to use it a few more times to see any results.

Also this product slightly scared me as I read on the back about doing a patch test - which I haven't done, infaxt I only just noticed it now when writing about its claims. I think that they should make that much clearer on the front of the bottle. So now I am slightly paranoid, not that it takes me much to be paranoid anyway. 

The Hair Treatment 

This treatment is one that many people talk about and blog about, some even swear by it. 

Personally, I'm not sure if I liked this treatment. The texture was very thick and gloppy, abit like yoghurt! Also it tingled my scalpe a little after applying it, I'm not sure if that's normal - but it's meant to improve the follicle and the scalpe so perhaps it does it like that. 

Another thing is that after waiting 5 minutes with it on (the recommended time) it left my hair very lank, even when washing it out it felt quite lank and not great. Also, after I'd blowdried my hair it was quite dry and didn't feel soft like usual, which was disappointing. 

What it claims:

- helps to reduce hair loss
- improves folice health 
- reduces irritation and moisturises the scalp
- addresses hair and scalp ageing 
- improvement in tensile strength 
- improves volume and feel of the hair

My views on its claims: 

Personally I think it's abit too good to be true with the above claims, I also can't comment on most of the above as I don't have problems with them. Also I'm not even sure what tensile strength is and I've done a hair course! 

What I can comment on however, is the volume and feel of the hair. To be brutally honest it left my hair lank with no volume at all and feeling dry, although I have platinum blonde hair now-a-days it isn't usually very dry as I've worked very hard to combat that with products and trims. However, after using this product my hair feels dry again - which is awfully disappointing. 

I don't think that this product is for me, I'm not sure that I'll use it again either.

Foxy Locks Update

I wasn't intending to post about this today but whilst getting ready I just felt like I had to. 

Again I'm talking about the disappointment that is Foxy Locks Hair Extensions
 If you follow my blog you'll know that I have posted quite a few times about them, and what my experience in dealing with the company has been like. 

If you want to see my other posts on them look here:

A few words spring to mind when thinking about them: 

  • Pathetic
  • Con 
  • Waste 
  • Overpriced 
  • Vile 
....and this is all due to them shedding, which Foxy Locks even acknowledged themselves as an issue that occurs with their extensions:

Foxy locks live chat back in June 2013!!!

This is them now after just a few weeks have past since my last post about them and since then I've only worn them twice. But they have deteriorated so much more since that post even though, i've hardly worn them; due to that they're so awful now that they are hardly wearable. 

This is what they look like now: 

All hair brought to the front. 

As you can see they're just dreadful, so thin and awful! 

L: August 2013           R:November 2013 (Last Night 12/11/13)
On both the photos above, all the hair is at the front. I brought them in June 2013 but above is a photo from August showing how they were after 3 months of shedding and now in November after 6 months worth of shedding. 

After having my old extensions for a year, as I mentioned in my last post and never experiencing shedding with extensions before I am very disappointed with these extensions - I can't wait to get new ones after christmas, I will be glad to see the back of these!!! 

Monday, 11 November 2013

Individual Lashes

The other day I was inspired by my hairdresser, who was wearing Individual lashes, to get some myself. 

I went into boots and bought the Eylure Individual Lashes in Black, with retail at £5.35

I am trained and qualified to do individual eyelash extensions, from my Level 2 in Hair and Media Makeup - a course that I don't recommend as it doesn't get you anywhere, never the less, I learnt how to professionally apply these. 

The Eylure Combination pack comes with, the lashes ranging from the shorter sized lashes to the longer sized lashes. It also comes with some glue, Superfix; that is stronger than the original Eylure glue that's used for strip lashes. As well as a glue dissolve to to get the lashes off, Lift off.  It also comes with an instruction leaflet - Incase you're not sure how to apply them.

To apply these lashes you'll also need some tweezers, to pick up the lashes and place them onto your lash line. The shorter ones are more fiddly to apply than the longer ones.

You may also want to use an orange stick to separate your own lashes and, to make space for the individual lashes to be placed. 

Before Photo 

My lashes before weren't great, short and stubby - probably due to using mascara and false lashes pretty much everyday. 

After Photo - Full set 

My lashes after were much longer and thicker! They were really nice! 

After & In between applying them *sorry for the bad quality I had to take these
on my phone*

Personally, I prefer strip lashes, but it is nice to wake up to great lashes too! 

Individual lashes are just much more hassle, it took about 30 minutes per eye to apply a full set. Where as with strip lashes you can just apply them and go, less fuss. 

Set In Stones, In The Navy.

At Boots & Superdrug right now they have 3 for 2 across all makeup and nail stuffs! 

So I took advantage of this offer and decided to buy some new nail polishes (and eyelashes).

L: Essie - Set in Stones R: Bourjois - In The Navy 

I have wanted a deep blue nail polish for a while now but haven't been able to find the right shade, either I find one and it's not the right texture, usually it's kind of shiney/metallic or not the right colour at all. But I finally found the perfect colour, In the navy (23) by Bourjois Paris. 

This is the first ever Bourjoir nail product I've bought, and I like it! 

It has a big brush that is the perfect size for your nail, and so, it only takes one swipe of the brush to apply the product. Also with it being a thick consistency you don't need many coats plus, I find that it dries pretty quickly too! 

I also picked up this beautiful Essie nail polish, set in stones, although unfortunately it is limited edition. I kept seeing this online but I thought it was maybe last years or already out of season - but to my surprise I found it on the Essie counter - so I grabbed it straight away! I love this so much that I might even get another one! 

I have quite the Essie nail polish collection coming on, I really like their polishes. They're such great quality they're thick consistency so you don't need to apply several coats. Plus they apply easily and, are just so perfect! They may be expensive but I think they're worth the price. 

Instagram: @mechta

I love how these two look together! But to be honest that perfect silver polish will go with anything! 

Monday, 4 November 2013

Makeup of the day

Colours used: 

*all by MAC*

Base - Paintery paint pot
Crease - Quary 
Lid ,Crease & Undereye- Satin Taupe 
Browbone & Inner Corner - Phloof 

^ blush Pinch me, for the palette colours see below. 

^ photo not edited. 

My favourite 'go to' colours. Quarry, Phloof, Satin Taupe, Beauty Marked. 

Thursday, 24 October 2013

Great Autumn Nail Colours

Autumn is here and winter is fast approaching! Although I really wish it wasn't because I hate the cold weather and the depressing gloomy skies. 

Autumn reminds me of dark burgandy coloured leaves that fall off the trees, mugs of hot warming drinks with cream ontop and stormy purple skies, so why not reflect the season on your nails.

Autumn Colour Chart

I've picked out some great nail polish colours for the season: 

Cream/Coffee Colours: Barry M Cappuccino,Barry M Lychee, Topshop Glimmer, Fearne Black Honey 

Reds: Nails Inc Victoria, Natural Collection Black Cherry, Barry M Raspberry 

Purples: Primark Beauty, Natural Collection Cosmic Crush, Nicole by OPI Make a Change, Fearne Cranberry Sparks 

The very top colour I found another copper colour - 17 Copper. 

Right now I am wearing Nails Inc Victoria I love this colour for Autumn it's so beautiful! 

Nails inc Victoria

Sunday, 20 October 2013

Foxy Locks Update: 4 Months

As you may know, if you read my blog I really do despise the foxy locks hair extensions. 

I have many other posts regrading my dreadful journey with Foxy Locks: 

I had my old hair extensions; that weren't even 100% human hair for just over a year!

However, after 4months the foxy locks extensions are getting to the point where they are unwearable..... Which really annoys me because of how much I paid for them, as they're not the cheapest out there.

After foxy locks saying the shedding would subside within a week it hasn't if anything it has gotten worse as time has gone on. I've never had any other extensions like this in all the time I've worn them (about 4/5 years) nor had I ever even heard of shedding problems until these. 

* all hair is placed ontop of a black towel for easy viewing and has been dryed naturally, not straightened and been brushed*

This is or was one of the 2 weft strands. After just four months it awful, thinning ends and loose hair at the stitching, the stitching is also really loose (probably the cause of the shedding). 

This is it placed next too one of the thicker 1 weft strands, here you can tell the real difference of the shedding. 

One thing that does help them too look thicker is brushing them with a Denman D81 brush instead of a paddle brush, extension brush or a wide tooth comb. 

With this brush I find that it doesn't shed as much. Before I'd literally have hair balls on the comb or brush, however I still get balls of hair now but not to the same extent as before (see photo below).

I always brush them gently from the bottom upwards, I also have a hair styling qualification in which one module was solely on hair additions, so I know how to look after hair extensions properly. 

However, you can't constantly brush them, and after a while of wearing them the 'thick' brushed look soon fades to stragly extensions. They shed even when I touch them, I literally leave a trail blonde hairs wherever I go! 

Another problem I have with them is matting, knotting and tangling. When wearing them after so long they tend to get all matted and tangled at the back - which is an awful problem when trying to remove them at the end of the day as they tangle with your own hair ouch! 

As you can see my non human hair extensions lasted extremely well. 

And now this is what my foxy locks extensions are like in October: 

Photo above is not at all edited and has been taken with an ipad. The lipstick in the photo above is mac rebel! 

 As you can see the effects of the shedding has worsened causing them to go thinner, much thinner than my natural hair at the top and, the ends are really thin and straggly and well just not nice at all really. 

I will never again purchase extensions from Foxy Locks and I can't wait to buy some new ones! 

Friday, 18 October 2013

Botanics - Boots (Review)


Firstly, I am very sorry for my lack of posts here. I've been too focused on my new blog - and sort of, maybe, forgotten about this one. However, I am now back! 

Boots Botanics Makeup Remover 

Usually I am very lazy at night with taking off my makeup, I get tired and then I just can't be bothered! 

Lately though my skin hasn't been too happy with this, and I can't say I blame it - after all it is kinda gross! If I did bother I'd only use a makeup wipe - which isn't a great substitute since it just wipes the dirt around your face thus into your pores! 

I picked these up from Boots a little while back. Last time I went in however, they had a 3 for 2 offer - how annoying! They were quite cheap as they retail for under £5 each. They're also approved by and developed in conjunction with the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew. 

I got the amazing Botanics All Bright Eye Soothing Eye Makeup Remover which retails at £3.99 for 150ml. 

What drew me to this product was that it claims to 'remove even waterproof makeup', now my Benefit They're Real mascara ( isn't waterproof however, it is EXTREMELY stubborn to remove, and so I thought I'd give this a try to remove it. 

Also, if you've been reading this blog for some time, or if you know me, you'll know that I love doing smokey eyes and wear lots of mascara and dark colours, which are always the most stubborn to remove - cue the panda eyes! 

What this product claims

- removes even waterproof makeup 
- helps soothe the eye area 
- conditions lashes
- leaves skin smoother and brighter 

What I think of its claims

- I did try it on some waterproof mascara and it did work! It also managed to remove my stubborn Benefit mascara - it didn't even leave a trace of it on my lashes! 
- I'm not sure if it helps soothe the eye area (I'd have to test it when I have sore hayfever eyes!) but it does feel nice afterwards. 
- My lashes are definitely in much better condition with this, before I was scrubbing so hard to get my mascara off but now it takes it away without all the scrubbing - which in turn has helped my lashes.
- My skin around my eyes does feel really soft and smooth after using this product, also it does apear to look brighter - but it does leave an oily residue too, which is easily removed by using a clean cotton wool pad. 

Pros & Cons 


- easily removes stubborn makeup, as well as waterproof
- you don't need to use a lot of it for it to work 
- it leaves your skin nice and soft & smooth
- conditions lashes
- it doesn't at all burn the sensitive eye area
- cheap price 


- it does leave a oily residue after - as I mentioned earlier, but this is easy to remove with a clean cotton wool pad

^ other than that I have no cons! 

I also got the lovely Botanics Gentle Cleansing Cream which retails at £3.99 for 250ml. 

I brought this one just to go with the eye makeup remover, and so that I didn't use any makeup wipes again! 

What the product claims

- removes makeup, oil and impurities 
- isn't drying to the skin
- leaves skin soft and brighter looking 

What I think of its claims 

- it does remove makeup and oils easily, again without needing too much product 
- I have dry skin away, especially in the winter. However, this product hasn't made my skin any worse, if anything it has made it less dry. 
- after using this product my skin does feel much softer and looks bright and healthy! 

Pros & Cons


- it does exactly what it says 
- removes makeup easily and you don't have to use much product 
- cheap price 
- leaves skin soft & healthy looking 
- doesn't make your skin dry 
- it doesn't smell much at all 


I honestly can't think of ant cons for this product

I will definitely be re-purchasing both of these products - however I think that, they will last quite a long time as you don't need to use much product for them to work. I also have put them into little 60ml bottles and left them at my boyfriends house for when I stay there, but I still have a lot of product left in the big bottles! 

I think that with these products being so good, I'd most definitely try other products from their range!