Thursday, 29 December 2011

Black Glittery Eye Look

Black Glittery Eye -> see YouTube tutorial for this look!!

This look would be great for a New Years party!!

My Jewelry Storage

So, I have recently tided up all my jewelry and thought i'd share it with you guys!!

 I brought some 99p small canvas' from a Art & Crafts store near me - and basically i've just poked all my dangley earrings through the canvas and have put all the backs into a little pot - it's really great displaying them this way 1. it's like art work on the walls 2. you can see them 3. they don't get all messed up!! I also added some flower hair things to the tops of the canvas' for decoration :)


My mum has got a new set of stylish mugs with 
a holder so she no longer  needed this mug tree
and so i've used it to hang all my bracelets off .

I've had this paper organizer for years now just sitting upon my desk never used - I believe I got it from WHSmiths but it was years ago..anyway due to that it's made of a mesh type material you can easily stick your studs and backs through it - I used to keep mine all in a little pot but they got all mixed up and i'd loose some :( but this way is much better I can see them all an I hopefully wont loose them!!

This way of storage I find is really useful plus it's very inexpensive too!!

Thursday, 1 December 2011

My Youtube

for those who don't know I actually have a youtube account with a few make up videos on there - but I am looking to expand them and have more videos :)

-> my account

here's an example of one of my videos -> a smokey eye look I did for a friend of mine....

H&M Face Masks - Review no.1

I just tried out the H&M peel off face mask - It was really good! It made my skin soft it didn't irritate my skin at all - like some masks do. The only bad sides to this was that 1. if it gets stuck to your eyebrow hairs then it hurts to pull off!! but minus that it's great.

^ just a quick post....I am planning to do a video tutorial at the weekend IF all goes well :) xx

Wednesday, 23 November 2011

H&M Face Masks

I purchased ages ago these face masks from H&M and I am yet to try them out - but once I try them all I will review them for you!! 
I Have:  
- Raspberry Smoothie Pore Cleansing Mask
- Pomegranate & Passion Flower Peel Off Mask
- Deep Cleansing Blemish Mud

So look out for this review!! 

Friday, 18 November 2011

Weekly Favourites (week starting 14/11/11)

Each week I plan to make a weekly favourites - of products that i've used most that week...
This week i've been using pretty much these products over and over again!!
MAC eyeshadows in Vanilla, Naked Lunch, Satin Taupe and Handwritten - they make a really day time look together. and for my brows recently I've been trying a lot of different products...MAC Quarry...Rimmel Eyebrow Pencil...Random Brown eyeshadows...but I've found that I like the Avon glimmerstick brow definer in dark brown...I've noticed that a looooooot of girls use MAC cork on their brows so I might try that one next :)
I'm not really much of a blush person but this week I've been loving these two cream blushes...The Natural Collection Rosy Pink and Maybelline Dream Touch Blush 07 (I seem to of lost my MAC Dollymix blush - which is lost within my make up has to be somewhere in the house) these two are really nice and stay on quite well - surprisingly the cheaper of the two (the natural collection) blush stays on for longer.
I've also gotten back into my MAC lipstick combo of Speed Dial Lipstick with Pinkarat Lusterglass ontop It looks super pretty together!!
As for perfume I've been using my YSL Elle nearly every single day as my other perfumes (Chanel - Chance; the pink one, Britney Spears - Fantasy, Playboy - Go Play, Kylie - Darling, are all too sweet smelling for Autumn/Winter however so is YSL but less so i guess haha )

Friday, 11 November 2011

Updated MAC Palette

So I've nearly filled my first MAC palette up - only 2 left to go!!!

here are the swatches of all the colours (my skin is NC15 for anyone who is wondering)

Highlighted Makeup


Really bright highlighted shinny make up inspired by a photo i saw online of Kim Kardashian... unfortunately however I can't find that photo again (sorrrryy!!!).

On the eyes I started off by apply Vanilla by MAC all under the brow bone...then I used MAC Electra on the lids (it is a very shinny light silver colour), after that I applied MAC Quarry (a matte light brown) in the crease and blended it up towards the brow bone I then applied Satin Taupe to the crease just to add some shine! and then blended it up again to the brow bone... after that I applied a Handwritten by MAC (a darkish brown) to the outer corner just to darken the look up a little! I then applied a frosty white into the inner corner just to brighten up the eye (this colour is by NYC but I forget the name of it). After that I just used a liquid eyeliner on top, a white khol liner in the waterline and lots of mascara :)

For highlighting the face I used the MAC wonderwoman powder in pink powder, although you can just use a matte bronzer for contouring and phloof by MAC is a similar colour to the highlight shade in the powder but  phloof is an eyeshadow......on my lips is my all time favourite creme de nude lipstick from MAC.

Sorry that this look is all by MAC - which i know is expensive to buy but this look can also be created by using drugstore products :)

also...Sorry that  I haven't been blogging for a while!! i've been busy :))

Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Evening Make up 3/10/11 - 4/10/11

 3/10/11 - not that I ever go out at all during an evening I do often get bored and there for practice make up yesterday I did a blue under-toned smokey eye look. These looks are inspired by Andrea (teodora andreeva) and Alexandra Stan

I used bourjois shimmering shine liquid eyeshadow (35 gris platine) as a base all over the lid and then applied a light grey all over the lid then blended a darker grey into the outer corner and the crease. I then applied black into the outer corner and the crease slightly to darker the whole look (also black under the eye) I then applied a shimmering white to highlight thee browbone and inner corners before taking a concealer brush and making a sharp line and the outer corner complete with eyeliner mascara and false lashes :) 

4/10/11 - this look is basically the same as yesterday apart from that I used MAC paintpot in bare study as a base and applied the black first into the crease and outer corner making a smokey effect I then blended the black out with a matte brown shadow to lighten and soften the harshness of the black I then took a matte white/cream colour and applied this to the brow bone I then did the lid and patted on a sparkley grey eyeshadow....completed with winged eyeliner and mascara (i would of used false lashes if I could of found the glue! haha )

Sunday, 2 October 2011

Make up & Hair inspired by Alexandra Stan

This look is inspired by Romanian beauty Alexandra Stan's music video for Mr Saxobeat in which she has a dark blue smokey eye and curled hair swept to one side. 

 Products used:
  • H&M Palette eyeshadows (dark blue mixed with dark silver) (all over lid)
  • MAC contrast (under eye and crease) 
  • MAC carbon (outer corner of eye blended into the crease and under the eye in the outer corner) 
  • MAC dazzlelight (as highlight on the brow bone)
  • Barry M black eyeliner kohl (waterline)
  • MAC Fluidline in Blitz & Glitz ( on the top lash line)
  • Bourjois Volume Clubbing Mascara (top and bottom lashes)


  1.  curl all your hair first with a side parting (I used GHD straighteners but curling tongs will also work :) oh and don't forget to use heat protector ;) )
  2. bring all of the hair onto one side and grip into place then using pins, pin any curls down that are sticking out (if you like you can leave a few pieces of hair out at the front on the other side)
  3. arrange the fringe so that it is swept across  the face and so that abit is back into the curls and then pin into place!
  4. then use lots and lots of hairspray hehe et volia!!

And yes I have dyed my hair AGAIN!!! :D hehehe back to blonde :) 

Saturday, 24 September 2011

Haul (24/9/11)

Today, I went shopping - admittedly I was only going to by some black trousers but I ended up with make up you know how addicting it is :P
I got an angled and smugey brush from h&m for £1.99 - I mainly just wanted this for my fluidline :)

As you may know I have been digging into the bottom of my MAC creme de nude lipstick for a while and since I had no more to dig out I brought myself another one (I've repurchased this 3 times now it's my all time favorite lipstick!!) £13.50

I got this quad from h&m for £3.99 and all 4 colours are unbelievably pigmented! like wow!!!! they're all super pretty colours too :)
I saw this in pound world and thought wow that looks pretty i swatched it and it reminded me a lot of the pink side in my wonderwoman MAC powder (pink powder) so I brought this - bargin for just £1 and super pretty too!!

After doing my autumn inspired looked for a few days now using my sleek limited edition palette I decided I best get a permanent colour so I don't run out of the limited one :P it's super pretty too I got it in pan form and although it's not in my palette plan (yes i do have a mac palette plan) It's pretty anyway I think next on my list is embarked :) this was £9.50 in pan form but I believe that in the pots its £12/13.50

I was in need of some exfoliating scrub and I saw this one in boots from Soap and Glory (flake away) I have some other Soap and Glory products and they smell AMAZING!! as does this one!! so I brought this one I'm hoping that it will last me a while as their products are on the pricier end of the market where drugstore brands are concerned I think this was £6-ish I don't quite remember exactly - ekk! 

 So that was my haul for today, I will defiantly do a review on the Soap and Glory scrub once I've used it a few times and most likely a look from the H&M quad :)

Friday, 23 September 2011


Heeeyyyy so I just made a Facebook page so please like it if you have facebook :) there are lots of make up images on there that aren't on here there are also links to my youtube and twitter :)


kisses xx

Primark - Fake Tan


Primark has a sale on their fake tan and make up goodies - I brought 3 bottles of Primark fake tan on Thursday since they were 50p each I thought well even if they aren't good 50p isn't bad so on Thursday I brought the mousse version and the Matte and Shimmer tanning lotions (which were originally £1.50) after trying the Matte lotion on the Thursday night I was really impressed so today (Friday) I brought 6 more tubes just for £3 - I know that 6 may seem a lot but I figured that if they're selling it all off then they wont have it for the autumn/winter range so in case of running out I got back ups hehe so all in all I've spent £4.50 for 9 tubes/bottles of fake tan which is awesome I think!!! 

here are swatches of the tan on my arms (note these photos have NOT been edited and that I am very pale - NC15  :) ) 

MAKE UP OF THE DAY - 23/9/11

Autumn Look - Fallen Leaves

As autumn approaches so does the darker colours so roll on the dark and warm browns, blacks and reds!

For this look I used:
  • Sunset from the Sleek Mediterranean collection (L/E) all over the lid - a dupe for this is MAC Cranberry
  • Dark Brown shade from H&M eyeshadow palette in the crease and under the eye - but any dark brown will do!
  • Carbon from MAC slightly pushed into the outer corner of the top and bottom - any black will do! 
  • The white/golden highlighter shade from MAC Wonderwoman Collection Pink Powder 
  • MAC Fluidline in Blitz & Glitz as eyeliner on top (I also had a collection 2000 eye khol in the waterline but it wore away as i've worn this look all day!) 
  • Rimmel The Max Volume Flash Mascara 

Saturday, 10 September 2011

Make up look :)

firstly sorry for my lack of posting :)

I created this look by:

first applying a concealer as a base I used collection 2000 (light 2) and rimmel cover stick.
Then applying a medium brown all over the lid and up to the crease blending upwards - I used an NYC colour ( i dont remember the name) but embark from MAC or any other medium/dark brown works! Then applying a darker brown into the outer corner.  Next to blend the browns in take a white eyeshadow and apply to the brow bone - I used collection 2000 white frost solo.
Then taking carbon by MAC or any other matte black all over the lid patting it on and then making sure to blend it out. Then take the same black under the eye and adding black eyeliner in the waterline and top lashes finish off with mascara and fake lashes (mine are just 99p ones from ebay :) ).

Sorry for the short post they will get better!!

Wednesday, 31 August 2011

To Buy or Not to Buy?

So, I haven't brought anything from MAC in ages - well only some brush cleaner.
I really want to update my palette and I'd like to buy these shadows:

do you own any of these shades? do you like or hate them? please let me know :)

Saturday, 6 August 2011

New MAC Product

Today I got my make up done at MAC:

eye products used:
  • Wedge
  • Embark
  • Carbon 
  • Dazzlelight 
  • Zoom Lash
  • 37 Lashes
  • Smolder Eyeliner 

Face Products Used:

  • Mineralize Skinfinish Foundation (NC15)
  • Skinfinish Concealer (NW20)
  • MSF Natural - Light 
  • MSF Natural - Dark (for contour)
  • MSF as a highlighter (no idea what one she didn't write it down :( )
  • Faux Lipstick
  • Sugarrimed Gloss
  • Fix +

Friday, 29 July 2011

New make up storage

Today, I went to a new store in my town called Store 21 it's a homeware and clothing store they also have a website - so I went there....and brought 3 boxes and a nice glass vase thing the boxes cost £1.99 for the small one £2.99 and then £3.99 for the bigger one and the glass vase was £1.99 (I might buy another one of these as not all my brushes fit in :( ) I really wish I had a vanity table - I hate small rooms!

 How it looks, top box - lipsticks, second - e/s, third - face products, forth - MAC make up face charts, 5th just scarfs haha :D.
Brush holder :) and H&M nail polishes.

Lipsticks, Lip gloss and Lip balms :)

Eyeshadows, Eye Liners, Palettes and Mascaras

Face Products, powders, foundations, moisterizers, conclears,bronzers 

Thursday, 28 July 2011

MAKE UP OF THE DAY - 28/7/11

 So, today I decided to use my one and only Sleek Palette from the Mediterranean collection to create this sunset inspired look.
Firstly, I used Washed Ashore the matte orange colour in the inner corner and then blended that out with Sunset the burnt orange colour and then applied that all over the lid. After that I then put Moore Treasure the plum colour in the outer corner and in the crease I then blended it up. Then I applied Bamboo the very light cream colour to the brow bone and blended it in with Moore Treasure just so it all blended nicely together. Then I decided that I didn't like the orange on its own so I applied Retrospeck (by MAC) a shimmery gold colour over the Washed Ashore. I also experimented with having Sunset and Moore Treasure under the eye but it didn't loo right, after taking it off I still had a little bit of sunset on the outer part under my eye, I liked that so taking an angled brush I put Sunset just at the outer sides. Oh and also black liquid liner by Collection 2000 and MAC Zoom Lash Mascara and Volia the final look:
It's actually a really simple and nice look :)