Friday, 28 December 2012

Quick Smokey Eye

 one - apply gel or pencil eyeliner all over the eye.

two - blend it out using a fluffy brush then apply black eyeshadow over the top to set it.

three - apply a frosty white eyeshadow under the brow and inner corner for a highlight. Apply pencil eyeliner to the waterline and under eye - then blend!

four - apply liquid eyeliner, mascara and fake lashes if you so wish.

*excuse the glue on my eyelashes! I wear lashes everyday so my lashes get a bit gross....ewww! 

Too Many Bracelets?

 Do you have a lot of bracelets? I think that most girls do!
The problem is how to store them? Previously, I just had them hanging off a mug tree - not the nicest looking thing!

The other day I went  shopping - I went into Forever21 and they have all there jewelry laid out in glass dishes - which inspired me! I tried to find a glass dish/bowl in the shops but I couldn't really find any - I was a bit unsure about ordering glass items online too (just in case it broke!)

I went into John Lewis yesterday when there clearance sale was and I saw this dish on sale for £5 - it's just a plain beige which is ok and it was the right sort of shape!

I've put all my bigger and most used bracelets in there and I think that it looks very pretty! I've also been able to fit quite a lot in!

Also if anyone wishes to know the frame at the back of the bowl is just a plain 4 photo white frame from Wilkinson and I put in some post cards that I got from Paris (black and white ones). Also there is a quote that I saw on Tumblr 'Stars can't shine without darkness' which I thought was a very inspiration quote and so I printed it out in black and white on photo paper!

Here's the link to the photo -


I know that I've not posted on here for a long long time now but in 2013 I'm going to get back to posting! 

A Little Magic

Hey Guys!

I went to boots not so long ago to get some holiday bits for my holiday in Paris! I brought the Tony & Guy shampoo and conditioner for damaged hair (since mine is bleached!) and I also got some little bottles of Heat protector and Hairspray from Charles Worthington.

Also, Previously I got the Umberto Giannini Overnight Beauty Moisture Balm from Boots as my hair is very damaged and lacks Moisture and Protein - From Bleaching!

I also own a  small Kerastase Elixir (It looks so empty because I also gave some to my friend!)

How I used them:

Last Night I used some of  the Umberto Giannini Overnight Beauty Moisture Balm on the ends and mid lengths of my hair and also applied a little of the Kerastase Elixir on the ends.

 When I woke up in the morning I half expected my hair to feel all crispy like some overnight masks can make your hair but to my surprise it wasn't crispy at all! It felt a little softer already although that may be the influence of the Elixir.

In the morning I then proceeded to wash my hair instead of using my usual Bed Head Moister Manic I went for the little Tony&Guy bottles. I did two shampoo's one to get rid of the dirt and the other to allow to product to fully work (A trick I learnt from working in a hair salon) The Tony&Guy Cleanse Shampoo for Damaged Hair says it will ''Repair and revitalise dull damaged hair'' Even after the first lather I could tell the difference my hair did feel a lot softer and even more so after the second. I then went on to use the Tony&Guy Nourish Conditioner for Damaged Hair. The Conditioner claims to ''Repairs and revitalises hair in need of repair'' After applying the product through my ends and mid lengths I then massaged it into the roots for a few minutes when I washed it out it felt so soft - like silk! infact the feeling was the same as that of my usual Bed Head Manic Moisture conditioner!
After the first time of using these products I can say that they seem to be very very good!

I then towel dried my hair and applied the Charles Worthington Protect Heat Defence Spray. Which smells abit like watermelon (which could be the smell of the Moringa Seed Oil that it contains). The Spray was very light weight and not sticky to the touch! After blow drying my hair it felt very soft still and my split ends looked in much better conditon whereas the day before they were dry and splitting off!! (not good!!!)

I proceeded to straighten my hair (I know it's not good for it - but otherwise it would look like i'd been dragged threw a bush backwards!) I used again the Heat Spray for extra protection and after straightening my hair still felt silky soft!. After Straightening I used a little of the Exlier for a serum to the ends and some of the Charles Worthington Hairspray - which just like the heat spray isn't sticky or heavy on the hair!

In all I would definatly use these all again and recommend them!