Saturday, 26 January 2013

Room Tour

My Ikea Bed when It was first put up! Also notice my bookcase next to it which holds all my fiction books! 

Most Recently! Map of the world on my wall! Wanderlust
Dressing Table

Mirror that I do all my make up in! 

Back of my door! I use it to just hang my longer pieces of jewelry and headbands and also scarfs - I just bent some coat hangers to make those scarf hangers!v

TV area, side table with lamp and things the bottom books and folders are all my uni stuff! 

At night with Candles - pretty eh?

Wintery Makeup Look

This make up look is inspired by Teodora Andreeva's video 'da se vurnesh'. 


Primer: Mac Paint Pot in Bare Study
*applied tape to the outer corners*
Lids & up to the crease:  Toasted (Urban Decay Naked Palette) -> It's a dark muted pink
Outer Corner & Crease: Mac Handwritten -> It's a dark brown shade
Outer Corner & Under Eye: Mac Carbon -> Black Eyeshadow
Under brow bone: Virgin (Urban Decay Naked Palette) -> Frosty White Colour
Inner Corner: Sin (Urban Decay Naked Palette) -> Frosty Pink Colour 
The Lashes are TOWIE Lashes I got them from Primark £3.99 

Cheeks: Mac Dollymix Blush

Lips: Mac Angel Lipstick
A Glittery Lipgloss (Boots Christmas)

Garnier Summer Body

So here it's winter and I'm feeling very pale so after doing some google-ing I got some Garnier summer body lotion the other day in Body Care for just £3.99. I had previously tried the Dove one and didn't like it so much (the smell!!!)

So far i've used it for 3 days straight, I applied it every morning! I must say so far I am really liking it!


  • It doesn't stain the bed sheets (mine are white and they are still white)
  • When applied it does smell fruity 
  • No streaking 
  • Makes your skin feel soft
  • Easy to Apply 
  • No streaks on chest area (This is usually a problem area for me!)
  • Elbows and Knees aren't darker than the rest (probably due to that it has moisturizer in it!)
  • Does have a fake tan like smell the next day (but it's not too bad only a faint smell)
  • Orange-y look -> Perhaps because I got the deep one and I have fair skin normally 
  • Makes the palms of your hands orange (EVEN AFTER WASHING!!!) 
I have found this to be a great product although I have stopped using it because I don't wish to go any darker however It is very natural looking until instant fake tans, It also doesn't wear off badly after a shower, however I have found that even though I've not applied more when I woke up on the 4th day (when I didn't apply any) It looked much darker? Perhaps because it was developing more?

I will re-purchase this product again! It's lovely! 

without flash

Rose Libertine

I was searching for nail designs on instagram the other day and saw a beautiful pink colour, by rimmel called rose libertine. So the next day I popped out and brought it.

It's a beautiful light pink colour:

I think that it's possibly my favourite nail polish colour right now! I know it's winter here in England still and it's snowing but I do really like this colour! 

Sunday, 13 January 2013

Black & Gold

My nails this week are black nail polish with gold sequins ontop! So pretttttyyyy!

Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Makeup look of the day!!! 08~01~13

Today's makeup is a brown smokey eye from the Urban Decay Naked Palette!

    Naked - on the crease 
Darkhorse - on the lid
Creep - on the outer V
Sidecar - on the inner corner 
Virgin - on the brow bone

I also contoured my face, cheeks and nose! 
The Lashes are from Mac - although I'm not sure what number as I got them for Christmas!

I used Lip Liner to make my lips appear fuller - It's a Playboy on called Crimson Kisses (but I think it's discontinued)
The lipstick is by MAC it's called Speed Dial it's a beautiful hot pink! 
I also added the most beautiful lip gloss ever!! Hot 6 by Bobbi Brown It's a hot pink lip gloss with lot's of glitter inside!!!


So today I went into Boots just to buy some nail strengthener, as I'm trying to grow my nails but they were getting a little weak!

Recently I've been really into doing my nails - usually I just painted fake ones but at £6 a time for the nails they'd just drop off after a week or two at most and the glue would ruin your nails! ugh! So I'm growing my own out - which is hard because I used to bite them, I'm trying not to now but it's difficult! :(

In Boots they didn't have the one I wanted so instead I brought the Sally Hensen Hard as Nails - I hope that it works!

I will do a review to see if it makes a difference in a few weeks! It was about £5 and with the first use It seemed pretty good I applied two coats and It really did smooth the nails from the ridges also it dried quickly!!

Also from Boots I got a Henry Holland nail set at half price because they still have some of the Christmas stock in on sale! The nail polish bottles are super cute! They're little houses!! It also comes with a nail buffer! I also got myself some Rimmel nail polish in 415 Instyle Coral....

I firstly applied two coats of the Sally Hensen Hard as Nails as a base coat, when that had dried I went onto apply a coat of the Rimmel Coral colour I love the brushes on the Rimmel nail polishes as they are much bigger/wider than the usual ones! I applied three coats of this when the nails had dried I then applied the Rimmel clear polish as a top coat!

The Result.... Super Glossy, Gel like nails! I absolutely LOVE the colour it reminds me of summer!

Thursday, 3 January 2013

Bath Routine

 Most of us girls love a good bath right? And I've recently been using the same products every time - they're sort of staples in my beauty regime now.

1.I always use a tonne of bubble bath I love bubbles! And at the moment my favourite is Strawberry Sundae from the pink cow it smells just like strawberries and its from boots.

2. I love the LUSH Soaps I actually got this one free when I went to Lush and brought a few bathbombs. It's called lust and it smells beautiful!

3. After that I'll exfoliate I don't do this everytime but maybe once a a week. Exfoliating just helps to get rid of any dry/dead skin. I love the flake away scrub from Soap and Glory it works really well and smells just like all the other soap and glory products.

3. I'll then apply Body Polish from the Body Shop and oh my gosh! it makes your skin feel like silk!! it also has a bit of exfoliating beads in it and it smells exactly like strawberries!!!

4. When I get out of the bath I'll apply Heel Genius by Soap and Glory, it really adds moisture and keeps your feet nice and silky smooth, however it doesn't smell like the other Soap and Glory products it has more of a pepperminty smell.

5. I'll then apply Body Shop Body Butter all over it smells again just like strawberries the smell also lingers too and a little bit of it goes a long way the down side is that it takes a while to soak into the skin and so your skin is left a bit sticky.

But after all this you'll feel very clean and your skin will be just like silk!
and don't forget to light candles it makes it extra relaxing!!