Monday, 2 January 2012

Babyliss Big Hair Review

Today for the first time I used the Babyliss Big Hair styling tool it is basically a big hair brush and a hairdyer combined for those of us who cant use both at once!! It is really quick and simple to use - and no your hair won't get tangled up in it!! (I thought that at first but since using it I can tell you that there is little chance of it getting all caught up - yay!) it sells for arround £30 - £45 depending on where you get it from in the UK it is cheaper to buy it from the Co-op as there it is £31 (i'm not sure if this was on sale or not...)

The device it self has 3 different heat settings an when on the * symbol the device doesn't rotate but still is hot - which would be good if you just wanted straight hair....and it 2 rotation buttons which rotate both clockwise and anti-clockwise which is good for it your right or left handed :)

these are my results after using it.,,,,

How I used it:

  • I first applied tresseme volume spray in my roots and the tresseme heat protector on my hair. 
  • Babyliss recommend that you dry your hair with a hair dyer first so that it isn't totally wet before using the big hair - so I used one and dryed my hair abit upside down to give it more volume.
  • I then sectioned off my hair and started to use the babyliss big hair - at first it was a little tricky to use but you soon get the hang of it! you basically brush your hair then go to the end and use the rotation button and it takes your hair up to the root you leave it there for a few seconds and then use the other rotation button to let it down or just brush it out yourself and repeat - it's really simple. 9Whilst using it you also find different ways to use it e.g. if you just brush down it's straight but if you were to leave the rotation at the end you get a very loose curl.)
  • when it was dry I just backcombed my hair on the crown with a small comb
  • after my hair was dry and styled I then used hairspray
et volia!! my hair looked awesome!!

Overall I think this is an awesome product it made my hair have more volume and gave it abit of curl and it didn't take as long to dry even more so because the brush is so big it allows you to have bigger sections to work with...the only thing that I would say is its downfall is that it kinda ruins your hairs cuticle but so does most heated products and due to that I dye my hair all the time mine is pretty damaged anyway...opps haha. 
I would really recommend this product!!

Sunday, 1 January 2012

December Favourites

So, these are some of the things that i've been loving in December!!
  • MAC loose powder Silver Dusk
  • MAC Pinch Me Blush
  • MAC Dolly Mix Blush
  • MAC Electra eyeshadow
  • MAC Bare Study Paintpot 
  • MUA Dark Bronzer
  • Perfume by Christina Aguilra  
  • Maybeline Great Lashes
  • Soap and Glory Daily Body Butter
  • Loose Glitters and Glitter Eyeliners 
But My ALL time favorites were...  

Since a girl in my class had Pinch Me blush and very kindly let me try it i've fell it love i've used it everyday since i got it i've also used my Dolly Mix blusher more too!! yay for MAC blushes!!

I also brought MAC Silver Dusk the same day as I brought Pinch Me I was originally after the Soft and Gentle Mineralize Skinfinish but they had none in stock of that so I asked the make up artist what else they had (as i really needed a new highlighter due to fear of my MAC wonderwoman one wearing out since thats limted edition ) So she showed me this swatched it and WOW i fell it love and again have used it ever since i got it!! I love this product I will be repurchasing always!!!
Swatches of my favourite face products  (bottom - top) MUA dark bronzer,  MAC Dollymix , MAC pinch me, MAC silver dusk

Swatches of favourite eye products (bottom - top) MAC bare study,  MAC electra

New Vanity

I cleaned up my vanity and started to create a massive mood board :)
what do you think? 

New Lipsticks (MAC VIVA GLAM)

MAC Established in 1994 (the year I was born!!) to support men, women and also children that are unfortunately affected by HIV and AIDS across the globe. All the money that you spend on these lipsticks go straight to the MAC AIDS fund so with buying these lipsticks you really are helping others - which is even more reason to buy lipsticks from the Viva Glam range.

I've got both of the Lady Gaga lipsticks that were produced by Lady Gaga with MAC the first lipstick she produced was the pink one in spring 2011 with Cyndi Lauper (who produced a red lipstick) due to the success of the the first one Lady Gaga then released a second lipstick (Lady Gaga Viva Glam 2) this is more of a nude shade.

This year MAC's holiday collection released a Lady Gaga Viva Glam gift set complete with both lipsticks and a red make up bag (I'm not much for the make up bag myself but I brought it for the products not the bag.)

Both these shades are beautiful in colour and they last on your lips really well!!

Here are swatches of them both....

New Years Make Up

I wish you all a happy new year I hope that this new year brings you a lot of happiness and success and is full of surprises!!
On new years you can go all out with your make up and so I did!!

This look was actually very simple to create but looked really nice :)

products used:


  • Barry M dazzle dust Berry Pink (on the lid)
  • Barry M dazzle dust Star Violet (in the crease & under the lash line)
  • Collection 2000 pigment Stonewash 16 (to blend out the crease)
  • MAC ploof and NYC 917 (on the brow bone and inner corner)
  • White eyeliner kohl on the water line half way with black eyeliner in the outer side of the water line
  • liquid eyeliner on top
  • 3 pairs of fake eyelashes on top
  • individual lashes on the bottom lashes
  • 2 little gems in the outer corner (stuck down with duo glue) 

  • MAC Dolly Mix Blush
  • MUA Dark Brozner (as contour) 
  • MAC loose powder Silver Dusk (as highliter)

  • MAC Bombshell Lipstick
  • MAC Pinkarat Lusterglass