Thursday, 29 December 2011

My Jewelry Storage

So, I have recently tided up all my jewelry and thought i'd share it with you guys!!

 I brought some 99p small canvas' from a Art & Crafts store near me - and basically i've just poked all my dangley earrings through the canvas and have put all the backs into a little pot - it's really great displaying them this way 1. it's like art work on the walls 2. you can see them 3. they don't get all messed up!! I also added some flower hair things to the tops of the canvas' for decoration :)


My mum has got a new set of stylish mugs with 
a holder so she no longer  needed this mug tree
and so i've used it to hang all my bracelets off .

I've had this paper organizer for years now just sitting upon my desk never used - I believe I got it from WHSmiths but it was years ago..anyway due to that it's made of a mesh type material you can easily stick your studs and backs through it - I used to keep mine all in a little pot but they got all mixed up and i'd loose some :( but this way is much better I can see them all an I hopefully wont loose them!!

This way of storage I find is really useful plus it's very inexpensive too!!

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  1. That mess rack for earings is a great idea! I use one for holding my palettes. Great idea x