Friday, 28 December 2012

Too Many Bracelets?

 Do you have a lot of bracelets? I think that most girls do!
The problem is how to store them? Previously, I just had them hanging off a mug tree - not the nicest looking thing!

The other day I went  shopping - I went into Forever21 and they have all there jewelry laid out in glass dishes - which inspired me! I tried to find a glass dish/bowl in the shops but I couldn't really find any - I was a bit unsure about ordering glass items online too (just in case it broke!)

I went into John Lewis yesterday when there clearance sale was and I saw this dish on sale for £5 - it's just a plain beige which is ok and it was the right sort of shape!

I've put all my bigger and most used bracelets in there and I think that it looks very pretty! I've also been able to fit quite a lot in!

Also if anyone wishes to know the frame at the back of the bowl is just a plain 4 photo white frame from Wilkinson and I put in some post cards that I got from Paris (black and white ones). Also there is a quote that I saw on Tumblr 'Stars can't shine without darkness' which I thought was a very inspiration quote and so I printed it out in black and white on photo paper!

Here's the link to the photo -

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