Sunday, 7 April 2013

Brunette to Blonde (my hair journey)

I always had blonde hair as a child until it started darkening slightly when I got into high school. Back then I had super long long long hair!

I started to colour it with blonde highlights when I was 13 after begging my mum to let me. I think what persuaded her most was that my dad was having a mid life crisis and had gotten cap highlights and he said they weren't that bad.

After having highlights for about a year or two I gradually started getting more and more although around this time I was gradually getting my hair cut shorter and shorter too. By the time was 14/15 I had beautiful light blonde bleach hair and it was quite long too! Perhaps maybe 3 inches past my shoulder blades.

After that the hair salon I went to really went down hill. I tried another one back in college and they made my hair super white blonde! I loved it but I got bullied at school about it so I had to have it dyed dark brown... But they left out some blonde was truly awful!

After being that colour for a while I went back to my old salon saying I wanted to go back blonde...basically what they did was cut my hair to a bob and use a gloss to lighten it and it wasn't so bad actually I kept it like that for a little bit and then went back for them to bleach it. They totally ruined my hair it wasn't blonde it was orangey and they'd left a lot of my roots out so I already had roots!

I tried home dyes but they didn't work out either they tended to go orangey and one time when I was 16 it went bright orange! So I coloured my back brown with the off the shelf box dye. They work pretty well actually for brunette hair, I think that if you want blonde you defiantly have to go to a salon. I tried many of these nice and easy and l'oreal creme (which I made a review on). My hair was getting darker and darker and I had then decided I wanted to go back blonde!

From the start of 2011 I started to gradually go back blonde at a hair salon they've been awesome! the hairdresser that does my hair has the exact ashy blonde I want and so she knows exactly a) how hard it is to get and b) how to get it. It has been a long process with highlights and bleach foils with a mix of high lifting colour but finally I'm here a blonde!

However in 2012 I worked at a hair salon and they wanted me to go dark brown - Kim Kardashian brown I'm so glad I didn't listen to them and stayed blonde!

Now in 2013 I am finally the white ashy toned blonde that I wanted to always be! Although I still wear extensions my natural hair is just past my collar bone and is much healthier now and hopefully it will grow healthy!

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