Saturday, 7 December 2013

New Platinum Hair Extensions

I am so glad to see the back of Foxy Locks hair extensions! If you've been reading my blog, as you may know I absolutely despise these extensions....

I have finally got some new extensions! 

I went to a local hair supply shop where I live and got these extensions by a company called Sapna, I've never heard of this company before but so far I am loving these extensions! 

What extensions: 

The ones I have are Sapna - Snow White extensions they are 113 grams of 100% human hair, and 18 inches long and they cost £45.99. 

I brought them without clips, so you just get one long strand of hair. I used the Foxy Locks extensions to measure out the pieces to size before cutting them. Also, the reason I wanted to get them without clips is so that I could double them up (cut a strand twice then sew the two pieces together) so that they were thicker. 

I also had to sewn on the clips myself; the clips are actually from my old set of extensions from 2012, I just cut them off. I also used 2 clips from the Foxy Locks set, because I was 2 short. 

With this set I have managed to get the same amount of wefts as in the Foxy Locks set plus, they're doubled up so I have a full set of hair extensions: 

2 x 4 clip wefts
2 x 3 clip wefts
2 x 2 clip wefts 
4 x 1 clip wefts 

Although because they're doubled up I find that I don't need to use both of the 4 clip wefts, but I tend to anyway just to have that fuller look. 

They are also blunt cut at the ends, just like the foxy locks ones! 


As blonde girls will know trying to find platinum coloured hair extensions is quite hard. Many extensions are too golden, or too yellow. Not many extensions are actually platinum coloured, meaning that you have to either colour them or use silver shampoo on them. 

However, these are different they actually are platinum coloured and are the same colour as the Foxy Locks extensions. 

This photo has not been edited

In comparison to the colour of Foxy Locks - Platinum the Sapna - Snow White are practically the same. Although as you can see from the photo the Sapna ones are shiner; this is due to that, I've yet to wash them, so they're still coated in that shiney silicon stuff that all new extensions have. 

photo not edited: foxy locks weft on top of a cut strand of sapna

What they look like wearing them: 

So far I love these extensions! Although I've only worn them twice, and I am yet to wash them. However, I shall update you on how they are lasting!


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