Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Care Routine: Nails

This is the follow up post from my first Care Routine blogpost series. The first was Hair care and what I do to my hair to keep it healthy and looking good which can be found here:

This one is all about my nails, how I care for them, what I do to them, and about my journey of growing them out. 

Firstly, I'll start with the journey of growing my nails out - as that's how I discovered these magical products that are now my holy grail products, and that I have repurchased several times and, shall continue to do so.  

It all started back in July 2012 when I went to a local salon to get acyrillic nails done for my holiday to Spain. But, they were the worst done ever! They looked awful! I wanted French manicure but the lady couldn't do that so I had them painted instead...it wasn't good at all! Even worse, when I soaked them off they were absolutely terrible; weak, brittle, breaking, ridgeds... 

I do believe that It is only due to these products that I have long nails now. 


I have repurchased this Sally Hansen Maximum Strength countless times now! I have recommended it to several people and also blogged about it too. 

This was the first treatment I tried. Although, the first time I used it I didn't like it - only because I didn't use it properly! 

It's a weekly treatment and to use it, you apply 1-2 coats on bare nails on day one, then apply another coat ontop everyday for a week. It makes your nails really strong and hard, also I painted over the nail on the 7th day, it was so thick that it made them look like gel nails! 

The Sally Hansen is a deeper and more concentrated treatment then the Essie Millionails which I have moved onto now. I use this one now because I don't feel like my nails need such a deep treatment, they're strong on their own now and I just use the Essie to maintain that. 

To use it I apply 1-2 coats onto the bare nail as a base coat then apply a colour and then use it as a top coat as well. I find that it works really well on helping to maintain the nails strength but I wouldn't say it's as good a treatment as the Sally Hansen product. 

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