Thursday, 24 March 2011

Claires Haul

So at my local Claires (right next to MAC) they had a 75% sale, which ofcourse caught my eye! I wondered in and found loads of jewerly for only £1 each - bargin I thought, although I already have more jewerly than Claires ofcourse I needed more ;) perhaps I will make a post on all my jewerly (most long necklaces are hanging off my walls and my earings pinned to a notice board haha!).
Heres what I brought :

a long chain silver bird necklace with pink feather.

Well I love birds and I love feathers, so it seemed only natural to by this hehe...There was matching earings to this i was umming and awwing about them and i decided they were too heavy for my lobes and so didn't by them.

Small gold chained necklace with a dimate ball and star.

I don't really own and dainty necklaces and I saw this and thought it was pretty and so I got it :)

Black feather earrings.

I already have a collection of feather why not add more to it haha

Long silver chained bird necklace with a blue cyrstal bead.

Again bird themed... I couldn't resist :P

Black and silver charm bracelet.

This is my favouirte of all the items i've brought and it was the only one left!

Cream leather and gold purse.

Well, i've been wanting a new purse for a while, because the one I have no doesn't have a card holder which was annoying and so I got this one! Don't you find it weird that you have to pay with money for something you put money in?

All this cost only £10 - bargin eh?

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