Thursday, 10 July 2014

Step by Step Blow drying

Firstly, hello all and sorry for my lack of posts recently but I have been super busy! 

This post is all about how I blow dry my hair to make it straight. I am professionally trained in the art of dressing hair and so I know a thing or too about it. 

This is my blow drying routine:

Step 1. start off by towel drying hair 

Step 2. apply products to towel dried damp hair 
^ products I use at the moment: 
-Aveda brilliant damage control heat protector spray 
- L'oreal Tecniart liss control cream
- Aveda Dry Remedy oil 

Step 3: Comb through hair (with a wide tooth comb) to distribute the product 

Step 4: Tilt head backwards and blast off with a hair dryer to get rid of most of the excess water in the hair, this step makes the process a lot quicker.

Step 5. Section the hair into manageable sections, the bigger the brush you use the bigger the section you may take. 

Step 6. Using a vent brush blow dry the hair down straight *make sure that the nozzle is facing downwards to make sure the hair cuticle is laying flat, and all in the same direction* another tip is if you can't reach the back parts just bring them to the side and dry them as such. Also don't put the hairdryer nozzle directly onto the hair and brush just hover it over slightly, or else it will damage the hair.

Step 7. When all dry apply an oil to the ends of the hair (again Aveda Dry Remedy oil) 

Optional: afterwards you can also use a shine spray on the hair I like the Umberto Gianni shine spray 

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