Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Ogx nourishing coconut milk shampoo & conditioner review

Today, I'm reviewing the Ogx nourishing coconut milk shampoo & conditioner. I kept seeing this product in every magazine; Vogue, Elle, Glamour. Every time I saw it I thought ooh that looks nice! I know already that coconut milk and coconut oil is meant to work wonders on hair so I thought it would work well from the coconut ingredients. It also contains egg white and we've all tried the rather messy egg and oil olive DIY hair treatments in order it get smooth silky hair! 

My First impressions:


I picked them up in Waitrose, as they were 2 for £10, they usually retail at £6.99 each, which is not that expensive for a high street brand.


I really love the bottles, the shape is unusual, I love the typography on the front - it's very simple but yet so effective. The white bottle and the gold lid is minimalist keeping it looking stylish and it actually looks like a high end salon brand with its fashion look. 

What the product claims: 

'The luxuriously creamy, hydrating formula leaves your hair feeling clean, glowing, softly scented and super soft.' 

It says this on both the back of the shampoo and the conditioner

My experience of product: 

*firstly I must state that I am a trained hair stylist and I used to work in a hair salon* 

Shampoo - 

When I used the shampoo it came out lovely, with a thick and creamy consistency with a lovely coconut smell (usually I don't like coconut but it smelt divine actually. I shampooed my hair twice 
 1. To get the dirt out and to cleanse the scalp
 2. To use the product for the maximum results as  no product works on dirty product built up hair. 

After using the shampoo, I thought I don't really need to use the conditioner as the shampoo alone had left my hair feeling soft! Which is pretty remarkable for a high street brand as to be honest I've only ever found salon high end products, such as Tigi bed head and keratase to do that! 

Conditioner - 

I went on to use the conditioner it was even more creamier than the shampoo in its consistency! 

I only used a very small amount (due to that I felt my hair didn't need much) I applied the conditioner to the ends and mid lengths of my hair then massaged the remainder of the product into my scalp for about 3 minutes before rinsing it out. My hair felt like silk! 

As soon as I'd finished washing my hair I ran out to my friend exclaiming how wonderful the product was and that she had to try it! I literally compared it to the herbal essence adverts, you know the ones in the shower where the lady is literally over whelmed with joy towards the product, my experience was like that exactly...well...minus the noises of course! I also thought I really must write a blog post on these products! 

Here is what my friend had to say about it: 

'I used these products for the first time today. When applied, the shampoo left my hair feeling clean and smooth. When I used the conditioner, it seemed to work its way into the hair, but not in a heavy way and It washed out easily. When drying, my hair appeared much more manageable and styled well. When fully dry, my hair has felt light, and also super soft and very 'touchable'. I will be buying these products to replace the ones I normally use!' 


Are the product claims true: 

I do agree with the products claims it is 'luxuriously creamy' it does also feel like it  hydrates your hair and whilst most if not all shampoos had conditioners leave your hair feeling clean this one definitely leaves your hair shiny and 'glowing' it is 'softly scented' it is definitely not an over powering smell and it really does leave your hair 'super soft.' So much so that I can't stop touching my hair because it feels so lovely! 

I would definitely by this product again, and again and again! In fact I liked the shampoo and conditioner so much that I am going to buy the serum of this too!


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