Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Morning Skincare Routine

Good Morning! 

*cup of tea is optional during this routine*

I feel that my morning routine is rather simple, in comparison to others I have seen. 

I start off my morning routine by cleansing my face, this removes any product left over from the night before, as well as, gets rid of any oils or dirt that may have built up overnight, My cleanser I use is the Soap & Glory Vitamin C Facial Wash. The product has little microbeads within the formula. These microbeads really help to get into the pores, and remove any unwanted yucky-ness! 

After cleansing my face I go onto use moisturiser. My day time moisturiser of choice is the Body Shop Vitamin E Moisture Cream. I absolutely love this moisturiser, It comes in a little skincare set which is £12 (this is where I first discovered it). Usually I just repurchase that set, since the moisturiser alone is £11! And the little pot lasts me a long time anyway. However, if my skin is really dry I will use the Malin + Goetz Vitamin E Face Moisterizer, as it is more hydrating than the Body Shop. 

After moisturising I use Blistex Intensive Moisture on my lips to hydrate them, as my lips are really dry. Especially, during the cold wintertime, where they tend to peel - eww! I also live this lip product on for quite sometime to allow it to fully soak into my lips before, applying my lip products during my makeup application. 

I have tried several different lipbalms but, I find that this one works best for me so far. Although, I really want to try the Ardell 8 hour cream that everyone keeps raving about, as that is meant to be wonderful for lips. However, I am yet to justify the price tag of that one. 

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