Thursday, 28 July 2011

MAKE UP OF THE DAY - 28/7/11

 So, today I decided to use my one and only Sleek Palette from the Mediterranean collection to create this sunset inspired look.
Firstly, I used Washed Ashore the matte orange colour in the inner corner and then blended that out with Sunset the burnt orange colour and then applied that all over the lid. After that I then put Moore Treasure the plum colour in the outer corner and in the crease I then blended it up. Then I applied Bamboo the very light cream colour to the brow bone and blended it in with Moore Treasure just so it all blended nicely together. Then I decided that I didn't like the orange on its own so I applied Retrospeck (by MAC) a shimmery gold colour over the Washed Ashore. I also experimented with having Sunset and Moore Treasure under the eye but it didn't loo right, after taking it off I still had a little bit of sunset on the outer part under my eye, I liked that so taking an angled brush I put Sunset just at the outer sides. Oh and also black liquid liner by Collection 2000 and MAC Zoom Lash Mascara and Volia the final look:
It's actually a really simple and nice look :)


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