Friday, 29 July 2011

New make up storage

Today, I went to a new store in my town called Store 21 it's a homeware and clothing store they also have a website - so I went there....and brought 3 boxes and a nice glass vase thing the boxes cost £1.99 for the small one £2.99 and then £3.99 for the bigger one and the glass vase was £1.99 (I might buy another one of these as not all my brushes fit in :( ) I really wish I had a vanity table - I hate small rooms!

 How it looks, top box - lipsticks, second - e/s, third - face products, forth - MAC make up face charts, 5th just scarfs haha :D.
Brush holder :) and H&M nail polishes.

Lipsticks, Lip gloss and Lip balms :)

Eyeshadows, Eye Liners, Palettes and Mascaras

Face Products, powders, foundations, moisterizers, conclears,bronzers 

1 comment:

  1. Those boxes are so cute! Great idea for makeup storage!

    - Britt