Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Updated MAC Palette

I brought my MAC palette not so long ago and as of now I have 7 out of 15 colours. 
I do plan to get more and I also have £15 on my Debenhams card so I will probably buy 2 more pan eye shadows retailing at £9.50 each. 

The shadows I have are...

Retro Speck is a lustre finish it is a pale gold with lots of shimmer in it which as you can see i'm nearly out of! - I used to use this a lot everyday for school all most but now I don't use it that much at all :(

Naked Lunch is a frost finish it is a kinda of peach tone colour with gold shimmer in it is a new one to my collection, I was planning to buy all the glitters but they didn't have that naked lunch is pretty simular so I opted for that one :P

Patina is a satin finish it's hard to describe but its a golden brown colour I LOVE this colour all over the lid with Satin Taupe on the crease it looks beautiful :)

Woodwinked is a veluxe pearl finish it is a kinda of warm antique golden colour with a strong copper undertone this is the first eyeshadow from MAC I brought because it just looked so beautiful, however with my pale skin tone it isn't so good, but I'm saving it for when I have a tan haha.

Shale is a satin finish while it looks purple-ish in the pan it actually comes out as a more grey purple colour it is however a beautiful colour!

Satin Taupe is a satin finish and it's a taupe colour hehe it is so beautiful I love this colour i think that it is defiantly one that everyone should have :)

Smut has a velvet finish to it and again this colour purple-ish in the pan but  actually comes out as a dark brown almost black colour with a purple sheen to it, it looks great with satin taupe in fact id say its satin taupe's darker version :) 


I also have a wish list of other colours i'd like to add to my collection these being: 
  1.  Vanilla
  2. Dazzlelight
  3. All that Glitters
  4. Mulch 
  5. Copperplate 
  6. Handwritten
  7. Mystery 
  8. Idol Eyes 
unfortunately buying all of those will a) cost A LOT and b) i'll have to buy another palette but next time one for colours hehehe

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