Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Diamonds are a girls best friend!

Simple Nail Art

Things you'll need: 

- light pink nail polish (Essie Fiji) 
- clear diamond gems 
- clear nail polish 
- pink glitter (makeup forever pink) 
- Q-tips/cotton buds

How to:

1. Apply a base coat 

2. Apply your light pink colour (2 coats) 

3. When the colour has dried apply a clear nail polish to the bottom of your nail
4. Using a wet Q-tip pick up your diamond gems and apply them to the nail in a triangle shape

5. Apply clear nail polish over the diamonds to stick them into place and over the rest of the nail

6. Apply clear nail polish to ring finger and put nail into pot of glitter 

7. Apply clear nail polish over the glitter 

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