Monday, 3 June 2013

Foxy locks update (4 days of wearing)

After 4 days of wearing the extensions I have noticed that the hair does shed out quite a lot.

I've not styled it again since the first day I got them and curled them, so it can't be from over heating or styling. When ever I move my hair to the back or place it over to one side some hair sheds out.

I really hope that this doesn't last!

I messaged Foxy Locks to ask about it but it seems again that they're just full of excuses! I really do hope that the shedding stops and soon because it isn't good.


I also noticed that they have a new website - and all the reviews are 5 stars, every single one - which to me seems a little fishy? also there is no more live chat they still only have the fill out message form - which I still never got an email back from it, nor have I heard anything about my complaints. 

I honestly wouldn't of bothered ordering from their site knowing what I know now and after all the hassle. 

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