Friday, 21 June 2013

Foxy Locks Update: 1 month

I've had these extensions for about a month now.

To be truthfully honest, I wish I'd never purchased them.

  • I've only worn them 3 times since getting them 
  • They were expensive and well I'm not getting my moneys worth at all
  • They still shed A LOT of hair even though I've just worn them 3 times and not even a full day!
  • The ends are really thin from the shedding
  • They look really fake! Especially when straight 
  • They get tangled 
  • I feel really uncomfortable wearing them because I feel like people can tell they're fake
  • My time with the foxy locks company wasn't pleasant - no customer service -> never email you back
  • Still waiting months later to hear about my complaint processing
  • They've been a lot of hassle for nothing
  • I don't think they're 100% Human hair since human hair is meant to stay together and as you can see in the photo the ends separate like fake hair 
  • I prefer my non-100% human hair extensions to these!!! 
The only good thing I have to say about them is the clips - they're really sturdy and well sewn in. 

I won't ever be re-purchasing from Foxy Locks ever again! 

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  1. they look pretty, i cant tell there fake

  2. Awk shame you didn't like them, they do look really lovely, but if you don't feel good wearing them, whats the point! nice blog!

    Lorraine xx