Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Foxy Locks Update

I wasn't intending to post about this today but whilst getting ready I just felt like I had to. 

Again I'm talking about the disappointment that is Foxy Locks Hair Extensions
 If you follow my blog you'll know that I have posted quite a few times about them, and what my experience in dealing with the company has been like. 

If you want to see my other posts on them look here:

A few words spring to mind when thinking about them: 

  • Pathetic
  • Con 
  • Waste 
  • Overpriced 
  • Vile 
....and this is all due to them shedding, which Foxy Locks even acknowledged themselves as an issue that occurs with their extensions:

Foxy locks live chat back in June 2013!!!

This is them now after just a few weeks have past since my last post about them and since then I've only worn them twice. But they have deteriorated so much more since that post even though, i've hardly worn them; due to that they're so awful now that they are hardly wearable. 

This is what they look like now: 

All hair brought to the front. 

As you can see they're just dreadful, so thin and awful! 

L: August 2013           R:November 2013 (Last Night 12/11/13)
On both the photos above, all the hair is at the front. I brought them in June 2013 but above is a photo from August showing how they were after 3 months of shedding and now in November after 6 months worth of shedding. 

After having my old extensions for a year, as I mentioned in my last post and never experiencing shedding with extensions before I am very disappointed with these extensions - I can't wait to get new ones after christmas, I will be glad to see the back of these!!! 


  1. I am looking for the best brand in platinum hair extensions. I was thinking of getting foxy but alotof people complain about shredding, what other brands can you recommend that you have used? That don't shred, tangle free, good silver blonde colour, soft xx

    1. hey! thank you for your comment! I have just got some new platinum extensions that are the same colour as Foxy Locks, see my latest blog post! They're Sapna - Snow White extensions xxx