Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Lee Stafford - Bleach Blondes & hair that never grows past a certain length treatment

I have recently purchased these from Boots, Bleach Blondes Shampoo and the for hair that never grows past a certain length treatment from the Lee Staford range. 

I have just washed my hair for the first time using these products and here is my first impressions: 

Bleach Blondes Shampoo

The Shampoo, is a purple/silver shampoo used for getting rid of yellow tones in the hair thus leaving it looking more ashey. I am going to do a post on a review of all the silver shampoos I've tried over this year. 

The shampoo itself has a slightly weird texture; sort of jell like. It is also a lot more violet toned than all the others that I've tried. 

Like all purple shampoos it also seems to get everywhere, all over the bathroom! I don't know how they do it! 

This product claims to: 

-Lightly tone 
-Refresh and restore your hair to salon beautiful colour 
-Helps to stop fading 

My views on its claims: 

My hair does look abit whiter than it did previously, so I guess it has been refreshed, although I wouldn't say it's anywhere near as soon as after a trip to the salon to get it coloured. 

As for stopping fading I guess I'd have to use it a few more times to see any results.

Also this product slightly scared me as I read on the back about doing a patch test - which I haven't done, infaxt I only just noticed it now when writing about its claims. I think that they should make that much clearer on the front of the bottle. So now I am slightly paranoid, not that it takes me much to be paranoid anyway. 

The Hair Treatment 

This treatment is one that many people talk about and blog about, some even swear by it. 

Personally, I'm not sure if I liked this treatment. The texture was very thick and gloppy, abit like yoghurt! Also it tingled my scalpe a little after applying it, I'm not sure if that's normal - but it's meant to improve the follicle and the scalpe so perhaps it does it like that. 

Another thing is that after waiting 5 minutes with it on (the recommended time) it left my hair very lank, even when washing it out it felt quite lank and not great. Also, after I'd blowdried my hair it was quite dry and didn't feel soft like usual, which was disappointing. 

What it claims:

- helps to reduce hair loss
- improves folice health 
- reduces irritation and moisturises the scalp
- addresses hair and scalp ageing 
- improvement in tensile strength 
- improves volume and feel of the hair

My views on its claims: 

Personally I think it's abit too good to be true with the above claims, I also can't comment on most of the above as I don't have problems with them. Also I'm not even sure what tensile strength is and I've done a hair course! 

What I can comment on however, is the volume and feel of the hair. To be brutally honest it left my hair lank with no volume at all and feeling dry, although I have platinum blonde hair now-a-days it isn't usually very dry as I've worked very hard to combat that with products and trims. However, after using this product my hair feels dry again - which is awfully disappointing. 

I don't think that this product is for me, I'm not sure that I'll use it again either.

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