Monday, 11 November 2013

Set In Stones, In The Navy.

At Boots & Superdrug right now they have 3 for 2 across all makeup and nail stuffs! 

So I took advantage of this offer and decided to buy some new nail polishes (and eyelashes).

L: Essie - Set in Stones R: Bourjois - In The Navy 

I have wanted a deep blue nail polish for a while now but haven't been able to find the right shade, either I find one and it's not the right texture, usually it's kind of shiney/metallic or not the right colour at all. But I finally found the perfect colour, In the navy (23) by Bourjois Paris. 

This is the first ever Bourjoir nail product I've bought, and I like it! 

It has a big brush that is the perfect size for your nail, and so, it only takes one swipe of the brush to apply the product. Also with it being a thick consistency you don't need many coats plus, I find that it dries pretty quickly too! 

I also picked up this beautiful Essie nail polish, set in stones, although unfortunately it is limited edition. I kept seeing this online but I thought it was maybe last years or already out of season - but to my surprise I found it on the Essie counter - so I grabbed it straight away! I love this so much that I might even get another one! 

I have quite the Essie nail polish collection coming on, I really like their polishes. They're such great quality they're thick consistency so you don't need to apply several coats. Plus they apply easily and, are just so perfect! They may be expensive but I think they're worth the price. 

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I love how these two look together! But to be honest that perfect silver polish will go with anything! 

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