Saturday, 10 September 2011

Make up look :)

firstly sorry for my lack of posting :)

I created this look by:

first applying a concealer as a base I used collection 2000 (light 2) and rimmel cover stick.
Then applying a medium brown all over the lid and up to the crease blending upwards - I used an NYC colour ( i dont remember the name) but embark from MAC or any other medium/dark brown works! Then applying a darker brown into the outer corner.  Next to blend the browns in take a white eyeshadow and apply to the brow bone - I used collection 2000 white frost solo.
Then taking carbon by MAC or any other matte black all over the lid patting it on and then making sure to blend it out. Then take the same black under the eye and adding black eyeliner in the waterline and top lashes finish off with mascara and fake lashes (mine are just 99p ones from ebay :) ).

Sorry for the short post they will get better!!

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  1. That's £6 for the dress £5 for the lipstick and £2.50 + 50p postage so £14, is that okay? :)

    I can send an invoice or you can do gift payment to on paypal if you prefer:) xx