Saturday, 24 September 2011

Haul (24/9/11)

Today, I went shopping - admittedly I was only going to by some black trousers but I ended up with make up you know how addicting it is :P
I got an angled and smugey brush from h&m for £1.99 - I mainly just wanted this for my fluidline :)

As you may know I have been digging into the bottom of my MAC creme de nude lipstick for a while and since I had no more to dig out I brought myself another one (I've repurchased this 3 times now it's my all time favorite lipstick!!) £13.50

I got this quad from h&m for £3.99 and all 4 colours are unbelievably pigmented! like wow!!!! they're all super pretty colours too :)
I saw this in pound world and thought wow that looks pretty i swatched it and it reminded me a lot of the pink side in my wonderwoman MAC powder (pink powder) so I brought this - bargin for just £1 and super pretty too!!

After doing my autumn inspired looked for a few days now using my sleek limited edition palette I decided I best get a permanent colour so I don't run out of the limited one :P it's super pretty too I got it in pan form and although it's not in my palette plan (yes i do have a mac palette plan) It's pretty anyway I think next on my list is embarked :) this was £9.50 in pan form but I believe that in the pots its £12/13.50

I was in need of some exfoliating scrub and I saw this one in boots from Soap and Glory (flake away) I have some other Soap and Glory products and they smell AMAZING!! as does this one!! so I brought this one I'm hoping that it will last me a while as their products are on the pricier end of the market where drugstore brands are concerned I think this was £6-ish I don't quite remember exactly - ekk! 

 So that was my haul for today, I will defiantly do a review on the Soap and Glory scrub once I've used it a few times and most likely a look from the H&M quad :)

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  1. I love all of what you've got! <3

    sorry for only just getting back to you but lovelorn is no longer available, the purple dress is though :) xx