Thursday, 3 January 2013

Bath Routine

 Most of us girls love a good bath right? And I've recently been using the same products every time - they're sort of staples in my beauty regime now.

1.I always use a tonne of bubble bath I love bubbles! And at the moment my favourite is Strawberry Sundae from the pink cow it smells just like strawberries and its from boots.

2. I love the LUSH Soaps I actually got this one free when I went to Lush and brought a few bathbombs. It's called lust and it smells beautiful!

3. After that I'll exfoliate I don't do this everytime but maybe once a a week. Exfoliating just helps to get rid of any dry/dead skin. I love the flake away scrub from Soap and Glory it works really well and smells just like all the other soap and glory products.

3. I'll then apply Body Polish from the Body Shop and oh my gosh! it makes your skin feel like silk!! it also has a bit of exfoliating beads in it and it smells exactly like strawberries!!!

4. When I get out of the bath I'll apply Heel Genius by Soap and Glory, it really adds moisture and keeps your feet nice and silky smooth, however it doesn't smell like the other Soap and Glory products it has more of a pepperminty smell.

5. I'll then apply Body Shop Body Butter all over it smells again just like strawberries the smell also lingers too and a little bit of it goes a long way the down side is that it takes a while to soak into the skin and so your skin is left a bit sticky.

But after all this you'll feel very clean and your skin will be just like silk!
and don't forget to light candles it makes it extra relaxing!! 

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