Tuesday, 8 January 2013


So today I went into Boots just to buy some nail strengthener, as I'm trying to grow my nails but they were getting a little weak!

Recently I've been really into doing my nails - usually I just painted fake ones but at £6 a time for the nails they'd just drop off after a week or two at most and the glue would ruin your nails! ugh! So I'm growing my own out - which is hard because I used to bite them, I'm trying not to now but it's difficult! :(

In Boots they didn't have the one I wanted so instead I brought the Sally Hensen Hard as Nails - I hope that it works!

I will do a review to see if it makes a difference in a few weeks! It was about £5 and with the first use It seemed pretty good I applied two coats and It really did smooth the nails from the ridges also it dried quickly!!

Also from Boots I got a Henry Holland nail set at half price because they still have some of the Christmas stock in on sale! The nail polish bottles are super cute! They're little houses!! It also comes with a nail buffer! I also got myself some Rimmel nail polish in 415 Instyle Coral....

I firstly applied two coats of the Sally Hensen Hard as Nails as a base coat, when that had dried I went onto apply a coat of the Rimmel Coral colour I love the brushes on the Rimmel nail polishes as they are much bigger/wider than the usual ones! I applied three coats of this when the nails had dried I then applied the Rimmel clear polish as a top coat!

The Result.... Super Glossy, Gel like nails! I absolutely LOVE the colour it reminds me of summer!

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