Saturday, 26 January 2013

Garnier Summer Body

So here it's winter and I'm feeling very pale so after doing some google-ing I got some Garnier summer body lotion the other day in Body Care for just £3.99. I had previously tried the Dove one and didn't like it so much (the smell!!!)

So far i've used it for 3 days straight, I applied it every morning! I must say so far I am really liking it!


  • It doesn't stain the bed sheets (mine are white and they are still white)
  • When applied it does smell fruity 
  • No streaking 
  • Makes your skin feel soft
  • Easy to Apply 
  • No streaks on chest area (This is usually a problem area for me!)
  • Elbows and Knees aren't darker than the rest (probably due to that it has moisturizer in it!)
  • Does have a fake tan like smell the next day (but it's not too bad only a faint smell)
  • Orange-y look -> Perhaps because I got the deep one and I have fair skin normally 
  • Makes the palms of your hands orange (EVEN AFTER WASHING!!!) 
I have found this to be a great product although I have stopped using it because I don't wish to go any darker however It is very natural looking until instant fake tans, It also doesn't wear off badly after a shower, however I have found that even though I've not applied more when I woke up on the 4th day (when I didn't apply any) It looked much darker? Perhaps because it was developing more?

I will re-purchase this product again! It's lovely! 

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