Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Bleach Blonde Hair Care

I used to work in a hair salon, also I have a qualification in hair styling.


I start off cleansing the dirt out of my hair with the tony and guy shampoo for damaged hair. Basically the first shampoo gets rid of all the product build up in your hair and any dirt, thus allowing the next shampoo to do its job properly.

I then use a purple shampoo either PRO:VOKE touch of silver or John Frieda sheer blonde colour renew.

The difference between the two is that the pro:voke one as you can see is very dark and so its stronger however it is very drying. If I feel that my hair doesn't need as much toning the John Frieda one isn't as strong and is less drying as you can see the texture is more creamy and silky looking.

Purple Shampoos are amazing! Basically what they do its remove and brassy/yellow tones out of your hair. It does this because purple or violet is the opposite of yellow on the colour chart and so because these shampoos have violet in them it contracts with the yellowness leaving a lighter/whiter shade of blonde.

However these only work on very pale blonde hair. If left on too long they can turn your hair purple - but don't worry a wash with fairy liquid gets the colour out ;-)) but shhh it's a secret. Also Unfortunately over time they do tend to try your hair out - not what a blonde girl needs really!


A good conditioner is always great! I use the SP Hydrate Conditioner when my hair isn't as dry and doesn't need as much moisture back into it. I also use a SP repair mask which Is one level up from a normal conditioner this is more repairing and hydrating etc than a normal conditioner it is used more as a treatment. I use this probably monthly or twice a month depending on how dry my hair is.

Blow-Dry Products:

The Redken anti-snap is a great product if your hair bleached to high hell and keeps snapping off at the ends. This product has totally stopped my hair from snapping off! You just apply it to towel dried ends and it adds needed protein back to your hair. Also a good trim helps with snapping.

I won't use the Redken every time though as it is a very strong and powerful product! Sometimes all you need is a lighter product to keep your hair in good conditioner in which case is use the Aveda damage remedy daily hair repair, again I just apply it to my ends. As you can see its a well loved product and I've had this for well over a year now, probably nearing two years and I still have product left it in! That's the thing with these expensive salon products they do last a hell of a long time!

For an all over heat protector I use the got 2b guardian angel, it's quite good it doesn't make your hair greasy or lank and I think it works against heat pretty well! I also is this when straightening or curling and I've had no problems with it.


For styling I use a hair oil Kerastase Elixir which wow it's just amazing, I got it free when I used to work in a hair salon and all the stylists used it on themselves and clients it really is an amazing product you can use it all over before washing your hair, as a massage treatment, before blow drying and after blow drying like a serum! Unfortunately though I'm nearly out and from what I remember this product is very very expensive I believe it was £30 for a full size. But I also gave half of my small bottle to my best friend - she brought a tub and I poured some out for her. But I will one day repurchase this as it really is amazing. Much better than the Moroccan oil which to be honest I'm not a fan of it I don't like the smell, how it leaves my hair lank and ugh no I'm not a fan of that but this I love!

I also use Mark Hill de-frizz shine serum which seems never ending I've literally had this for over a year or longer and I've hardly used any! It's a really great serum it stops fly aways and makes your hair really glossy but by no means greasy. I don't often use hairspray anymore because it has plastic in it and well that's not the best for your hair!

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