Sunday, 24 March 2013

Elegant Touch - French Manicure (American Girl Pink) 103

Although my nails are naturally long they're not the best right now...yep I know gluing fake ones too them won't help but in the short term they'll look nicer.


These nails look super pretty however these are medium size and they're still quite short - most of my nails are the same size. But I guess this makes them more natural.

They have 24 nails within the packet although they don't have that many different sizes at all pretty! They pretty much only have one pinky finger size and so on the only one you could change was the thumb nail.

The glue isn't too great as one of my nails fell off just one day after putting them on. Although the glue applicator doesn't get all glued up and then not open-able so it's reusable!

I'm not sure I'd re-purchase these nails but they're pretty and a nice change from my own nails.

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