Sunday, 10 March 2013

Ombré nail tutorial

I change my nails more than I change my clothes....and that's a lot! This nail design is really simple and easy to do I'm not the best at nail art nor do I have any special tools, so anyone can do this!

Things you'll need:
- base coat
- white nail polish
- 3 shades of nail polish
- a metallic colour
- glitter nail polish
- top coat
- a sponge

I used pinks and gold with a gold glitter on top but you can use whatever colours you want it's really just down to personal preference.

1. Apply a base coat to all your nails.

2. Apply white nail polish to the nails you want to be ombré you'll need 2 coats of this for it to work properly (remember 2 thin coats is better than 1 thick coat).

3. Apply a metallic colour to the remaining nail/s.

4. Once the white nails are COMPLETELY DRY...they must be completely dry otherwise it just ends up like a smudgy mess as I found out the first time I tried this...opps! (I have no patience haha) Apply the 3 colours onto your sponge, I find its best to apply thick coats.

5. Press the sponge against your nail apply quite a bit of pressure when doing this, as soon as it is done apply the top coat from the tip of your nail applying it downwards towards the cuticle it can be a thick layer of this. This just helps to merge all the colours together. You can then do the same to the rest of the nails, just make sure that you re-apply the colours to the sponge each time.

6. Apply the glitter onto the top of the metallic colour, you can also apply a top coat too.

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