Monday, 27 June 2011

GLAMOUR Magazine

In this months issue of Glamour Magazine you can grab yourself a free Benefit product; Benetint, Poisetint or High Beam. Personally I got High Beam because tints don't work so well on my dry skin and they dry my lips out like crazy!

High Beam is, AMAZING! you only get 40ml free but I think it will last a while. Since I brought it i've been wearing it practically every day, it's in my everyday make up bag.
I will defiantly be re-purchasing this product it's much better than a powder highlight, especially for dry skin tones, it also bends in nicely.

I've been wearing it on my cheek bones and under the brow for a highlighter, it is really an amazing product. It's the first Benefit product I've tried and it is very good, I am even tempted to go buy another magazine and get Poisetint, but hmm I don't know haha. 


  1. I got posie tint and I loooove it! It's great for summer as it lasts longer than a powder blush:)


  2. oooo really? in which case then I might get it hahaha, im not too keen on the magazine itself but £2 for benefit products is very good haha :)

    I will check out your blog...noww...
    take care and have a nice day