Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Wednesday Wonder?

Every Wednesday, I will be comparing beauty items and deciding which one is the best and why.
This week I shall be comparing Lip Balms from various different companies.

The first lipbalm that i will mention will be the famous Vaseline, this one happens to be the rose and almond oil lip therapy one to which retails at £1.73 for 20 grams of product.

The packaging of this product is in a metal pink/ rose and white colour tin, which is quite durable in a handbag but it does get dents and the paint chips off (i assume it's paint i have no idea haha).

The rose or pink Vaseline is different to the others because it claims to 'gently tints and cares for lips'. 
the product in the tin is less hmmm gloopy then the normal ones and is dark pink in colour. It has a smell to it, i guess it smells like a strong rose.

Once applied it does 'tint' the lips, however my natural high pigmented lips don't really see the tint because it is probably the same colour anyway. I find that like most Vaseline products the petroleum jelly just stays on top of the lips and doesn't really help with dry or cracked lips because the product just stays and doesn't sink in. Also if you have very dry lips like mine you will find that this product does sting a little once applied.

Over all I'd probably rate this 3 out of 10, i like the tint part. It's a nice idea but however it doesn't care for the lips at all.  

Next up is superdrugs own brand of lip balm, it's sort of a rip off of Vaseline, i guess. 

This one in particular is 'the little green tin' - green like Vaseline's aloe vera lip balm. This retails at £0.99 and like the Vaseline tin contains 20 grams of product. 

The packaging of this product is a very sturdy metal tin, much more sturdier than the Vaseline one, you can have this in your handbag and it wont get all scratched up.  The tin itself is a shiny green colour with white writing. The actual product inside is clear and smells a little like green apples, but it doesn't taste like it on the lips.

This product claims to ' moisturises, softens and soothes dry and cracked lips. With aloe vera for extra conditioning and a great apple flavour'.

Once applied to the lips, like Vaseline it does just stay on top but it also sinks into the lips. I myself have very very verrry dry lips and have found that this product actually does do what it says on the tin.

Over all i'd rate this 8 out of 10 because it does help my dry lips and it is very good for the price. 

Next up is another famous brand, Carmex. 

Carmex is the priciest of these lip balms retailing at £2.54 for only 7.5 grams.

The packaging is a white plastic bottom and a cardboard lid with a yellow metal rapped around it. In  your handbag this will get get many dents and chips on it , for the price the packaging could of been a lot lot better.
The product inside is a hard yellow like substance, which kind of reminds me of bees wax or something like that, however like the Vaseline if you have dried lips it will sting a bit. I also found that this product didn't sink in very well at all and found myself using quite a lot of the product in order to achieve some sort of 'softness' .

The product claims to bring 'long lasting relief for dry, chapped lips.' Which in my opinion it doesn't do at all you have to apply quite a lot of this product to get rid of the dryness and i also found that after using it all day long it makes your lips even drier and the skin would peal off. 

Once applied it takes a while to sink in, you also have to use a lot if you have 'dry lips' which isn't very practical due to that you don't get a load of product. I think that is product is more suited to  people whose  lips aren't very dry but are somewhat dry.

I'd rate this product 1 out of 10 it didn't help at all and was quite costly. 

Next up is a Hello Kitty lip balm from H&M which is retailed at £1.99 and for that you get 12 grams of product - however I went to go and repurchase this and they didn't have any so maybe it is limited edition. 

 The packaging is the cutest ever! This is the main reason that I brought it, as i mentioned before I wanted to buy another one, this is due to that the tin is super cute (and i love hello kitty hehe). The tin itself is made of metal, the bottom is a dark pink metal and the top is white with pink and in the shape of hello kitty's face. The tin however isn't that sturdy and the metal is quite thin, making it easy to get dents in it (I don't dare to use this in my handbag it's too cute haha). The product inside is a very hard light pink lip balm (you really have to press hard to get any product out). I think the product would be better if it was melted a bit. 

Once applied it does tint your lips a very nice light pink, however it feels very hard on the lips just like it is in the tin and it doesn't care for your lips at all in fact on my dry lips the hardness of this product made my skin peel off - which of course isn't very nice.
I'd rate this product 4 out of 10 but only because I love the packaging so much! As much as I wanted to love the product inside I just couldn't, it didn't care for the lips at all, if anything did only worse than better. It is also a little pricey but I don't mind paying £1.99 for just that tin haha - maybe I am a little crazy.

 Last but by no means least is Boots own Spearmint Lipsalve. This retails at £1.01 for 5 grams of product.

The packaging is all plastic. There is a white plastic tube and then a green mint coloured plastic lid. (however the packaging of this has recently changed.) 

The product inside is different to all the others because this is in stick form unlike the others that are in tins. Personally I prefer the tin form because it is easier to use and and more hygienic. I found that when this product is in your bag although it wont get marked up because it's plastic the lid tends to fall off and well that's abit gross. 

This product says that it 'protects and moisturizes lips' and it does in fact do this, however i find that it takes a long time to sink in.

You apply this as you would a normal lipstick and it does sink in after a while, but it does take a while and you have to use this over a few days to see a result. 

I'd rate this product 6 out of 10 it does do what it says but the packaging isn't very good and the lid comes off and well you get all dirt on the actual product, also when it gets hot the product melts and then drops off when you are using it - ugh. Also it is quite dear for such awful packaging.

So the over all winner for me is the cheapest - Superdrugs own The little green tin. Remember that this is just my opinion and that we all have different lip types and so different products are suited better to different people :) 

I found that this  product really helped my dry lips and I'd recommend it!

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