Tuesday, 14 June 2011

L'oreal Casting Creme Gloss Review

After going to a hair salon and them wrecking my hair I figured that home dying couldn't be any worse.
So, I went down to my local drugstore (superdrug) and picked up a box of L'oreal casting creme gloss in the shade iced chocolate number 415 (after standing there for about half an hour deciding on a colour haha) for £6,12 the hairdresser I had previously used to use a gloss and i figured if i didn't like it, then It would fade so no major deal - right?
On the box it appears to be a light brown shade, that looked the same colour as my hair extensions unfortunatly I threw the box away sooo a photo from google will have to do!

In the box there is some really good quality gloves and the colour and developer - like most boxes.

and application went well it was very easily done, however during the process I happened to notice that the colour was turning purple; which worried me some what. After the full 20 minutes ( i think it was 20 minutes i forget) i washed off the colour and it was to my surprise a dark brown/purple colour, nothing like on the box, however I do happen to love this colour and after 3 washes it has stayed in very well I have read online that it does fade to the colour on the box, but I shall wait and see.

I think (depending on the fading process) that I will definatly be using this product again and i'd rate it a 7 out of 10, it was very good but the colour wasnt as it stated, however still nice.

Hair after the dye process (no extensions - i am trying to grow it!), I might possibly dye my extensions and do a tutorial...hmmm I'm not sure on that yet though.


  1. That hair colour has come out quite nice not to dark either. Did it stay in for long or did it eventually wash away quick?

    1. from what i remember it stayed in pretty well! :) although i am now blonde xx