Wednesday, 29 June 2011

No Heat Challenge

I found this challenge on

So, I'm sat here with a towel on my head (very attractive - I know :P ) after just washing my hair. The start of my no heat challenge has started!

Basically the challenge is to no use heated products such as straighteners, curlers or hair dryers etc..on your hair for 4 weeks, or possibly more. 

I am really going to try to keep to this challenge and not use any heat what so ever, I am trying to grow my hair, which isn't going so well...why doesn't it just grow over night? so it will be beneficial to my hair in the long run. I am also using hair repair masks, oils and so on to keep my hair healthy looking - I will be doing a blog post on hair care in a moment, after this one.

Start of challenge - 29/6/11
End of challenge - 29/7/11

I will keep you updated about how the challenge is going!! :)


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