Thursday, 23 May 2013

Foxy locks update #3

I am very disappointed with Foxy Locks.

Their customer service is well non-exsistant, I never did see a review that mention their customer service in detail; only on YouTube which they all said that shipping was fast!

I am still waiting for my exchanged colour now for over a week! I've heard from many people that they got theirs very quickly and one girl was from New Zeland! However, I live in the UK and still don't have them, I also sent mine back the same day I got them.

Since there is no human contact with foxy locks; no phone number, no direct email address. In order to ask them about what is happening I messaged them via their contact message form thing...I did that yesterday morning, and today still no email In response.

Due to the lack of contact they have with their customers I have no idea if

a) they even got my extensions I sent back - which hopefully they have since I had to pay to get them shipped back.
b) if they've even sent out the new exchanged colour.

I guess I'll just have to wait longer.

I'm not even sure however if platinum will be the right colour - they recommended ash blonde when I emailed them, when the extensions came in that colour they were way too yellow for my hair not ashy at all!

I hope they will be the right colour otherwise i will again have to pay to ship them back, since foxy locks don't give you a return sticker in the packaging or a returns form - you have to print out a returns form yourself after messaging them!! Which seems kinda stupid! I hope I'll get my money back quickly too, if it turns out they are the wrong colour.

Anyway, there's nothing I can do but wait....

Photo below shows my hair with the colour of 'ash blonde #90' extensions next to it.

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