Friday, 31 May 2013

Foxy Locks Extensions: Main Full Review ... 120 gram Platinum #90

If you've been following my blog, you'll know that I have been having some trouble with Foxy Locks.

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First Review

A quick rundown of my 'nightmare' with the company.... Firstly, I got coloured matched there and they said I'd be light ash blonde - which I ordered. I then printed out a returns form and so on and sent them back; although they had no return sticker so I had to pay to send them back. I heard nothing back from them about the exchange and days later still waiting for the new ones and I got nothing. They never emailed me back about this, there was infact little to no commuication from them at all; it wasn't until I did a live chat with them on the website that I got answers. It took a very long time for them to exchange the colour. For more info see the links above.

I finally got my exchanged order on Thursday 30th of May. I changed them for the colour Platinum #90 as the ones I had order originally; Light Ash Blonde, were too yellow toned for my hair.

Also I am going to get the underneath of my hair coloured as it's a little darker than the rest, also I'm going to have them cut a little and layered so they blend better.

The Product

^^ to see about the packaging look at the first review I made on them :) 


The Type that I ordered was the 120g of hair, the regular set. 
I got the regular because it was the cheapest at £58, plus they're always sold out of the deluxe set. Also, my old extensions are no way this amount of hair so I thought they'd be fine anyway. 

With this set you get two times 4 clip wefts, two of the 3 cliped wefts, two of the 2 cliped wefts and four of the single clip wefts. 


 The colour I ordered originally was Light Ash Blonde #60 which was far too yellow for my hair. The exchanged colour is Platinum #90. However, I do feel like for Platinum that it is still quite yellow toned; much more so than what I was expecting. I had to use purple shampoo on it to tone it down. Personally I think Light Ash Blonde should of been the same colour as what Platinum is, and the purple shampooed version of Platinum should be Platinum. - If that makes any sense?!?!

Top is Silver Shampoo-ed the Bottom is not. 



The clips are extremely sturdy, I do believe that if there was a hurricane that they would still stay in your head.  They have a silicon/plastic tube underneath the actual clip itself,  none of my previous extensions have had this on them, and I do believe that this makes a big difference in the stability of the hair. When clip in the hair doesn't slide down the hair shaft or even really move at all. Also they're sewn on really well multiple times around and attach perfectly to the top of the weft with no colour change. 

Hair Quality 

The hair is 100% Remy Human hair. The hair is very very very thick! Each weft is lovely and thick although like most extensions it is thicker at the top than at the bottom, although real human hair on your head is like that too I suppose. Also, the ends are blunt cut which makes them look really nice at the ends and not straggly or anything.


The length of these extensions is 20 inches. However, I measured them with a tape measure and they're actually 21 inches long. 

Personally I do think they're too long for me, I am only short myself; 5'4. The extensions go to my waist which I find to be really, really strange as I've not had that length of hair since a child! 

I am considering getting them cut a little at the ends, as well as layers to blend them in. 

as you can see they're really long....randomly trying on a hat in a shop haha! 

Silver Shampoo-ing 

For me these extensions were still too yellow toned. I don't think anywhere offers a white blonde colour. 

I just silver shampooed them and didn't condition I only did it once and I had to wash it out straight away as they do take really, really well!! 

left: no silver shampoo right: with silver shampoo


Although as you can see in the photo some pieces took too well and have gone purple, but with the next wash they'll be ok and the purple will wash out!


I found no problem when washing them, you're meant to wash extensions when you first get them because they're coated in a silicon plastic-y stuff to keep them looking soft and so on, although to me this stuff just feels, looks and is just in general really ucky! I had no trouble washing them or drying them, they dried really quickly, although I blow dried mine, which was absolutely fine I had no problems with that. 

They didn't go dry and awful feeling after washing them, in fact they still kinda have the silicon stuff on them even after I washed them, but I think this is because I didn't really wash them properly just with the silver shampoo. 


Foxy Locks claim that the extensions: 

  1. Add Length 
  2. Add Volume 
  3. Are Tangle Free 
  4. Silky Soft 
  5. Natural hair 

My views on these claims: 

  1. They certainly  do add length at 21 inches long
  2. I'm not sure if they really add much volume to my hair
  3. I wouldn't say that they're 100% tangle free, as they do sometimes tend to tangle around each other 
  4. They are very very very soft, I'm not sure if that's from the silicon/plasticy coating, but we shall see after they've been washed a few times 
  5. The hair does look and feel very natural (again minus the plasticy coating). When washing they did also feel very natural.

Pros & Cons 


  • Good Price Considering how long they are 
  • 100% Remy Human Hair 
  • Very Soft 
  • Great Clips 


  • Not fast shipping 
  • Lack of communication with the company (also no phone number) 
  • There is no different lengths to choose from
  • The fact that I had to silver shampoo them to get them to the right colour 


out of 10 I'd give these a 6 out of 10. 

The extensions themselves are really good quality, however I had to tone them myself, the company's lack of communication though really put me off - I knew that I wouldn't bother sending these back even if they were the wrong colour because of all the hassle. 

Would I repurchase these? Honestly, I don't know they do seem like really good quality extensions, although perhaps the hype over them isn't as great as it seems. The company has put me off with it's lack of customer service, I'm not sure if I'd want to deal with all that again. 


  1. A full head of extensions range from 5 to 9 packs of hair, assuming each pack contains 20 strands, 1g per strand. If your client has fine, thin hair with some layers and about shoulder length, chances are 5 to 6 packs may be enough.

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  2. Hi Louise! I'm also looking to cancel out some yellow tones in my extensions( and own hair) and was wondering how long you left your purple shampoo on for? I might have a different shampoo to yours, I use the lee stafford bleach blondes one, but just wanted an idea from someone. Im scared theyl go purple haha! Thank you :)
    Polina xx

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