Thursday, 23 May 2013

Back to MAC - how to depot and palette lipsticks

Back to MAC

Tomorrow I am going I to mac to get a back to mac lipstick; shy girl I think!

For those who don't know what back to mac is - it's a recycling scheme run by mac. When you have 6 empty lipsticks or eye shadows ( but they don't take depoted eyeshadows) you can take them to your local mac store or counter and get in return 1 free lipstick.

I think 6 is a bit of a high number, then again they have put the lipsticks up to £14 each now......I remember the days when it was just £12.....

You need 6 EMPTY lipsticks to be able to back to MAC

I have 6 lipsticks that are empty - however only two were 100% empty the others I resourcefully made into a palette!

How to depot lipsticks and make them into a palette 

All the lipsticks I used were only slightly not 100% empty.

Things you'll need:

1. An old eye shadow palette
2. An old pair of tweezers or a makeup spatula
3. Lipsticks - of course
4. A lighter (if you're not old enough ask or parents)
5. Cotton buds/Q-tips

I started off with an old gone off makeup palette that was many years old. I scrapped out all the eye shadow that didn't take me long as it was all dry and crumpling. To clean this I just washed it out in warm soapy water.

After having my palette I got the lipsticks I wanted a scrapped out the remaining product with the end of the tweezers and placed it into the middle of the palette.

Once you have scrapped out all the product and placed it into palette I took a lighter and held it over the lipstick. Because lipstick is made out of wax it melts, once it was hot I moved the palette from side to side until the lipstick covered the whole pan.


^^ If you're not old enough to do this ask your parents! I did burn myself doing this. An alternative option to this to just flatten it down with the spatula until it is all flat.

Once all the products are flat in the palette get a Q-tip or cotton wool bud to wipe around the edges.

Et voila!

here is my finished result and what lipsticks they are. 

Burning the lipsticks also does NOT ruin the product as shown I have done a swatch of each colour and you can see that it doesn't harm the colour payout.

Swatches L-R Creme de Nude, Gaga2, Angel, Hot Gossip

Also when using this palette you can either just use your fingers or a makeup lip brush.


  1. What a brilliant idea! I'm definitely going to do this with my 'not quite finished' lippies!

    Chloe x

    1. It's the first time I've ever done it but it's a really good way of doing it! I used to just get to the ends with a lip brush - but as you can imagine that way I'd never get a back to mac haha!

      I hope it works out well for you! Good luck! :)