Friday, 31 May 2013

L'oreal Paris Feria LO2 Super platinum power review

So, I got my foxy locks hair extensions in the post....(about to do the review for that in a moment...) and the bottoms of my hair doesn't match - the underneath parts are too dark. So with this in mind I decided to dye them myself - I have got a hair styling qualification and I have worked in a salon before so I thought I kinda knew what I was doing.  Also I didn't do a skin test; I recommend that you defiantly do this if you're having the dye all over (I wouldn't recommend that after my experience but you can try) because the dye will touch your skin and your scalp - this is what causes the reaction the product to skin contact.

Me and my friend went to Boots and brought the hair dye ''LO2 Super Platinum Power''. Luckily though I didn't waste any money with this product as I had enough boots advantage points! I thought that this would be a good brand because L'oreal is a good brand, or usually is shall we say.

 I didn't dye all of my hair - I just planned to do the underneath section, although after how the the strand test  turned out I only ended up doing the strand test....


What the product claims to do: 

 1. lightens up to 6 levels in one step

2. Won't feel wrecked or ravaged

3. brass-defy technology

My views on these claims:

1. One step to platinum?

It most defiantly does not do it in ONE step!! It says it lightens up to 6 levels - which It defiantly does NOT! Well anyway logical thinking tells you that in one step you wont get from brown to platinum - but my hair wasn't brown it was a medium blonde. I also coloured it 3 times....

The first time I coloured it, it went darker! The second didn't really do much and the third - well it went yellow.....

Also whilst the dye was on it did look like it was getting really light, due to that the dye itself is white in colour...however once you wash it off you realize that's not the case at all.

I wasn't going to blog this so I don't have a before photo, but here is the photos of the stages of colouring:

  • The part above the bobble that you can see in the photo is the first time doing it. It went daker than it was previously. I left it on for 25 minutes as the instructions say 15 - 25 minutes. 

  • The part below the bobble is the 2nd time of colouring as you can see it hardly did anything, I left this on for 18 minutes, the reason the bobble is there is because doing it a second time I was worried it would snap off so I just did the ends! 

  • After my hair not feeling or seeming any more damaged with the second time I decided to just slap it all on the strand. I left it on again for 18 minutes or so and when it was wet it looked bright yellow....I towel dried it and well still yellow! I tried to counteract this yellow; see number 3 about the brassy-ness.  

<- Also in the photo my ear is read from blow drying the hair not from a reaction! 

2. My hair actually doesn't feel wrecked at all - considering I did it 3 times It seems fine! I think this could be due to the oil/exiler that you mix into the hair colour and also the conditioner mentioned below.

Ok, so they do look kinda fried in the photo but no more than usual - I'm a blonde fried ends are kinda expected!

3. brass-defying

.... hmmmmm no....My hair has never ever been as brassy as this dye made it. It comes with a purple conditioner - and purple/violet is on the opposite side of the colour chart to yellow. So in theory they can make this claim - however I did find that the purple conditioner did nothing for my hair! It made it lovely and soft though, but as for toning down the brassy-ness it didn't do a thing.

Being a blonde however, I did use my own silver shampoo which is really strong! I used it on the 3rd time I left it in maybe 15 or more minutes and well It must of caught some of my top layer because one  strand is pure purple and the colored bit....has not even changed..... it is still yellow.... not sure how but it is!

The end result:

As you can from the strand test I did it's hardly any different from the hair which isn't coloured. It all in all dyed it darker - then did nothing then just coloured it back to it's original colour.

In no way shape or form is this PLATINUM! especially not SUPER Platinum ..... It's just the same as I had before.....

Pros & Cons 


  • Conditioner makes your hair soft?
  • Good gloves


  • L'oreal as a brand have let themselves down
  • All the claims are pretty much false
  • Made hair darker before lighter
  • Unless you have an actual bowl and a brush it's hard to apply since the instructions tell you to completely remove the cap 
  • didn't work.....
  • waste of money


out of 10 i'd give this product well a 1 just for the softness of the conditioner because the colourant itself did nothing at all....


  1. How do you preform a stand test with this kit?

    1. You only use part B I think - it was a little while ago but it should say in the instructions! :)

  2. I had blonde hair to begin with and kinda wanted to get more white.
    I had darker hair on the ends of my hair and basically I got somewhat of a white ish on the sides but the rest looks barely changed and the darker parts of my hair got lighter by like 1 maybe 2 tones.
    mind you i forgot about mine and left it in for 2 and a half hours. mostly because nothing was heating up and I was worried it wouldnt take the colour out.

    and basically with your pros and cons i agree except my gloves were glued together so I had to rip them apart. which meant holes. before being able to put my hand in. so i threw them away and used different gloves.

    I was super disappointed by this product as it was on of the most expensive ones I saw in the store :/
    30 dollars and didnt do shit.
    could have just bought bleach for 15 and been happy..