Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Foxy Locks Extensions Review - Part 1

This morning I revived a pink parcel from the mail man and straight away I knew what it was!

I ordered it on Friday and it came the following Wednesday.

Pink Packaging - Very Girly 
I couldn't wait to open it and see the extensions...however after opening it I could tell instantly that the colour wasn't right it was too yellow toned for my hair (even though I sent foxy locks a photo and they said that ash blonde #60 was right) I put the packet against my hair and well nooooooo not at all the right colour it was so yellow!

With Flash vs. Without Flash - Not Very 'Light Ash Blonde' if you ask me...
I went on their website and filled in the returns and exchange form, I waited and later on I got an email back telling me what address to resend them too and a returns/exchange form, it seems weird that it wasn't in the parcel already. Another thing that's weird is that there is only a help email address and not a telephone number to call for help, I've never had that before, when dealing with online orders.

Light Ash Blonde #60
I filled out the form, after printing it off and decided to exchange them for #90 Platinum blonde. Since light ash blonde was too yellow....although to be quite honest it wasn't very ashy at all, I'd hate to see what the bleach blonde and Imogen blonde looked like in real life, if 'light ash' was that yellow-y toned.

I also printed off the address to send it too as there wasn't a return sticker/label either - which is again slightly odd all the things I've ordered offline have came with them. I then went down to the local post office after crossing out my name and sticking the return address onto the parcel. The post office lady then told me that I had to pay to return it, again something that is never done....Now I live in the UK - the same place as where foxy locks is based and it cost me £3 to return the item at 2nd class! Needless to say I wasn't very pleased since I'd already paid for shipping when I brought the extensions, the extensions are expensive as it is and I really hope that the platinum blonde will be the right shade since I don't want to pay again to re-send them.

On a plus side the 120gram pack looks really thick! I think 160g would be far too much and I wouldn't end up using it all! They also looked really soft and they're really long and the cut at the bottom is nice and blunt and not straggly or anything. I do think they'd be really great extensions, at least I hope so....

Soft Looking & Nice Blunt Cut Ends.
Anyway.... I'll wait for the platinum extensions and hopefully they'll come soon....Probably next week though I assume....

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  1. I have removed the tags and the colour is awful ! bleach blonde and its yellow, the way they are cut is awful also ! Just want my money back !