Sunday, 26 May 2013

Foxy Locks Update #4

Nightmare with Foxy Locks

After 11 days:

still no extensions,

no replies to my emails.

Last night, I went onto the Foxy Locks website, and they had the live chat working. I messaged them about my un answered emails and asking where my extensions are.

At first they said they hadn't received my old extensions that I'd sent them back 10 days ago. I told them I'd sent them and gave them the receipt information. They then gave me a lot of business rubbish about dispatching and so on. I asked how they'd managed to change my order tracking on the website from 60# Light Ash Blonde to 90# Platinum Blonde if they had not received my extensions and thus had not seen the returns form. They didn't answer my question directly, again fobbed me off with some business things.

I still had no clue if 1. They'd received the extensions or 2. If they were sending the others.

It was only until I actually said so you have received the extensions....yes? That they then said "that is correct". So after all that conversation ( which must of lasted at least half an hour ) that they then went back and contradicted themselves. At first they said they were still 'in receipt' of my old extensions, that they had not got them back to the end of 'that's correct' to ,y question that they had them. They never answered a question directly, and I do strongly believe that If I had not of said 'yes?' they wouldn't of said that they did have my extensions back. They made me feel like It was my fault that I had not sent them back, then confused me with their business jargon and not giving me direct answers to my questions. It was like getting blood out of a stone.

They said they'd email me soon to update me with my order - but I doubt that they will!

They also said that sending the extensions would of taken 2-3 days to deliver to me....So if they had the ones I sent back already, they should of sent the new ones too me and I'd of got them last week. But they made excuses about business things that I had no clue of understanding.

I'm still really not happy with their customer service. When I get the extensions if they're the wrong colour again I don't think I'll even bother to send them back, because of all this hassle. I doubt if I'll order anything again from them.

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